Did Jasmine Lee lie about her education?

Currently, Jasmine Lee is trending as the hottest topic on Korea’s cyberspace. The bad thing is, people are talking about an alleged “education forgery” scandal. They said that in one TV show on KBS2, she (or the caption) claimed that she went to medical school.

Jasmine Lee could've been misquoted, Jas' candidate profile, trending on Daum

It could’ve been the difference in our educational system that was the problem. In the Philippines, one has to attend pre-Medical school first before the Medical proper for a total of eight (8) years education. It is quite different here in Korea. As far as I know, they didn’t have a pre-Med here until a few years ago. They also didn’t have pre-Law courses here until a few years ago.
The press could’ve misunderstood Jasmine when she said that she was in pre-Med. They could’ve translated it to mean Medical school. There is no intention of defrauding the public when JASMINE LEE 이자스민 HONESTLY listed on her profile that she went to Ateneo De Davao and studied BS Biology (considered a pre-Med course) for three school years.
The caption on the photo when she guested on the KBS2 show could also have been a mistake, not by her own doing. I didn’t watch the show so I couldn’t really comment. However, this reminded me of Lee Da Hae who was hated by a lot of Filipinos when she spoke English with an “Asian” accent. Too bad for her that the caption showed the Philippine flag and the name of the country in Korean. Remember that?
Since Jasmine attended Ateneo de Davao, here is a fact about their pre-Med course:

Q: What is the pre-med course in Ateneo?
A: The BS Biology program is the course generally taken by Ateneo students in preparation for medical school. On the whole, 100% of the graduates of BS Bio have been admitted to Davao Medical School and top medical schools of the country.

Did Jasmine Lee lie about her education? I hope her party will release a statement soon to clear this up.


  1. hello Ms. Betchay!!
    im an avid reader of your blog po. i love korea and also i have a korean bf. your blog is very helpful. thank you for the informations that ur posting here. more power to you and Godbless. 🙂

  2. Oh my. She’s even trending in twitter here in Korea. I feel sorry for Jasmine, I hope things will be cleared right away. I now that it was a total misunderstanding. 이자스민씨 화이팅!

  3. i hope this issue will be settled soon. i have nothing but good wishes for our kababayan. ms. betchay, you’re right. koreans must have misunderstood our educ system. korea’s educ system is quite different from us esp when taking up law and medicine. it’s the reason why when i started teaching koreans 5 years ago i couldn’t grasp the reason why they couldn’t understand whenever i ask them about their pre-law/medical course until one student was able to explain to me the old system.

    1. Hi Shie! Yes, they didn’t have pre-med/law school before. This isn’t Jasmine’s worst nightmare. She’d been through worse and she came out alive.

  4. what i heard and known that .,she was definitely fabricated words about her educational attainment so with telling about her life standard in the philippines that she was came from prominent family while in fact some filipino knows that she was not.,and even told that she didnt even finish her studies in college.,How true and how credible she is to enter a politics in korea?isnt she because she’s good at hangul?isnt she because she does volunteer works at welfare? are these enough basis to qualify a person into politics? many filipino knows how she lied about her educational background and life standard of living in the philippines before she got married to her husband.,because of this, theres many filipino people who was disappointed and even get mad about her.

    1. She never claimed that she finished her studies. If you’ve seen her interviews, she always say that she got married while she was in school. Also, she didn’t fabricate words about her educational attainment. The Medical education system in the Philippines is different from Korea. It is not that difficult to understand. In the Philippines, one has to get a pre-Med course (in Ateneo de Davao, the pre-Med course is Biology). In her interview, she said that she got a 99 percentile rank on her NCEE so her parents made her choose between going to law or medical school. She chose medical school and she met her husband while she was a student. I don’t know what’s difficult to understand about that. She was taking her pre-Med because she wanted to be a doctor. She didn’t lie about her education. She didn’t have “forged” papers. Unlike a Korean professor we know from a few years ago.
      She didn’t claim that she came from a prominent family. Koreans stereotype SEA women marrying Korean men as “poor” or helpless, but she wasn’t. She didn’t have to escape poverty because they weren’t poor. Oh my, how could she afford to go to Ateneo de Davao! She didn’t need to marry a Korean to have a comfortable life. He only happened to be a Korean.
      Those Filipinos who are disappointed now without knowing the truth? Noynoying!

    2. Knowing Korean and doing volunteer work is not enough to enter politics. So is being a university graduate or being a professor or president of a company. What would qualify a person then to enter politics? She has her advocacies – the multicultural family, education and the welfare of children. Even without entering politics, she has been working on them. When she was presented with the chance to enter politics, she believed that she could do more than what she can now by being in congress.

    1. Yes, but I just have to shake my head at how gullible people can be. But then, I remember people like Juana Change, Raissa Robles and Conrado De Quiros.

      1. gullible is an understatement. let’s face the reality that there are people who wish that what they hear and read about someone (esp their kababayans) is true. they feel good about it. they are delighted seeing someone pulled down. they feel accomplished when someone is destroyed.

  5. hi there Ms. Betchay,
    I feel sorry for Jasmine Lee, I hope things will be cleared right away. I know that it was a total misunderstanding with the education system here Korea and in the Philippines… I just dont understand why Koreans stereotype South East Asian women marrying Korean men as “poor” or “helpless” most especially for us Filipinas..

  6. hmmm can’t help but to comment dun sa dalawang naunang ng-comment, na obviously ay not filipino mga inggit lang kayo kay te jasmine, hay sus!! heard and known daw?…
    im filipino pero at hindi ako galit kay ate jasmine how dare naman nito magsabi nun when in fact not one filipino whould feel galit baka upset.. ayyygu

  7. It seems a tactic to tarnish her credibility.Politicians who might compete for a government position she is aspiring for are threaten by her.The truth will prevail

    1. Hi Karla! Politics is really dirty. She didn’t intend to “forge” or lie because if that was her intention, she would’ve written “medicine” and submitted fake documents but she didn’t. Too bad really that everything she said during the interview was taken out of context and people just focused on the caption.

  8. To tell the truth, before the issue came out, my husband was really supporting Jasmine. Sad to say, he’s quite disappointed at how things have turned out. My husband is an open-minded person please don’t get him wrong. He even said that Korean media may also have a fault on why there is this issue now. (Actually my husband and I don’t have much trust in Korea’s media). Here’s a link of how Koreans were told about Jasmine Lee. The interview was taken in June 2010. If you would read the article, you would probably understand why some Koreans are disappointed at her (though the main problem could be on the two reporters who interviewed her)
    We also watched the tv interview in KBS show and as how my husband interpreted it to me, Jasmine indeed confirmed during that interview that she went to Medical School. But despite of her dream of becoming a doctor that led her to take B.S. Biology as her pre-med, I believe that she can only say that she is in medical school only after she has completed her bachelor’s degree, passed the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and attended even just the first day of the first semester in medical school. In just one recent news at Dong-Ilbo, Jasmine said that she just omitted the interim process. However, that interim process she omitted is what I think the most crucial part before one can say she’s in medical school.
    She also mentioned on the KBS interview that she got 99 out of 100 in a college entrance examination similar to Korea’s exam (NCEE that is). But that can also be misinterpreted by Koreans because NCEE is measured in percentile not in percentage. If you’d say you got 99 out of 100, that means you got one wrong answer our of 100 questions or 3 wrong answers out of 300 questions.
    Additionally, the issue here is not just on one interview but even on other interviews. My husband said that many Koreans are also questioning the fact that in the past on her profile, it always says that she went to medical school but this March it was suddenly changed to B.S. Biology, thus Koreans think she lied on her educational background.
    Here’s one latest news from Korea Times regarding the issue where one senior Saenuri Party lawmaker (Jasmine’s party) said that she was excluded from June 2010 elections because they found that she exaggerated her career on her resume (the news didn’t mention the name of the lawmaker though).
    I don’t know if Jasmine lied, only her can tell but my husband and I’s disappointment is on what SEEMS to be the lack of effort on Jasmine’s part to correct what has been said about her through media and tv interviews (considering that she’s fluent in Korean). I wish that she had been more careful…

  9. When I first read an article about Jasmine Lee, I admit I had doubts regarding her “supposedly exaggerated” background (as written in the article). I thought, “Wait, that’s not med school. That’s undergrad; she’s taking a pre-med course. Unless we’re talking about UP Manila’s Intarmed, which is (I believe) already considered Med Proper (no undergrad degree).”

    1. Yes, that is only pre-med which anyone can take in the Philippines unlike in Korea medical students need to get a very high score in their university entrance exam (national) which means not every Korean can take it. Thus it’s not proper to compare B.S. Biology to their medical school here. They also have B.S. Biology major here. In case of Jasmine, she finished first year, got married in 1995, came to Korea and became a naturalized Korean after 3years (1998 that is).

  10. To you jelai, i really intend to use strong expressions like using mad at her instead of upset.,because you know why? when a person lied that is deliberately deceiving! in accurate,falsehood and untruth etc..! She is definitely decieved filipino and koreans by telling that she is came from a wealthy and prominent family while in fact she was not.,(i had to say that again!) In one of her interview that ive watched i can confirmed that.,plus the people knew all about her from where and what kind of life she had before,before she got married to her korean husband. Im sorry to tell these matter,i dont mind what life status of a person was,either you are rich or poor,my point is why she has to deny?pretend?or lie about her life and educational attainment? If jasmine lee is really an honest person ,humble with good morals, she should correct all the things that matters on her life standard and educational attainment before or after the media has to report or publish about her statement,.She should be careful whatever she has to say or comment before the public.Honestly when i first met her in one of the multicultural gathering i was so proud about her knowing that theres one filipino who is doing a great job,!though am bit disappointed when i extend my condolence to her husband by saying im sorry about what had happened,i read the news and im so sorry about it,and i was saying about that and was startled by her response.,Uhmm so i thought shes not really the person who has a high education and good standard.,Its just that its because she has been living here in korea for 16 years now and knowing that she’s good at speaking in korean and has been active in multicultural activities and organizations so there she is..but how about her real her? Im afraid entering politics with a person who is not HONEST is a BIG thing that we have to consider people,We should be careful of putting a person in a position that is highly regarded with good moral and character, and good education.It doesnt matter who you are and what kind of life you came from but what matter most is your Honesty and sincerity to people.Lets not think negatively people that because i make a comment/blog on this issue \was that im envious or try to pull her down, I want everybody knows that,that was not my intention,its just that its annoying to know a person who is not honest and humble.As you as a public servant Jasmine lee you should have the quality of being honest and careful of what you say,if ever its human error,theres always a chance to correct it/them. If ever you enter politics i hope its for the interest of people and not “Your self interest” goodluck and Godbless us all~danepark,samsung english academy

    1. oh, so you’re also deceiving your students and their parents that you can teach them English very well… hm.. be humble and honest with yourself first.. throw stones at yourself first…
      why are you so “itchy” to comment on her? are you being grilled about her in your academy? at least Jasmine Lee speaks in English very well, graduate or not.. have you seen her blog? … oh, poor children.. poor parents…

      1. you are absolutely right Ms. Dane Park
        “”” jeje””” walang usok kung walang
        at first we are so proud of her knowing
        that there’s a filipina doing a great job here in korea
        pero later on lumalabas na arrogantness hindi accurate
        ang mga statement””””lol”””

    2. Poor dear….dont tell someone what to do or what to say …my dear dont you know what a (white lie means) ….sometimes you must be wise to do something to survive..and jaz was just doing what she could and she was been lucky to do soo. with or with out an education ..grad or undergrad…..she is just a smart girl to do such a thing to other people.. and to serve thee…and me as one who married to korea is proud of her to have one here in korea to do a job like that inorder for us to be connected easily to the korean government ….easily for our problems to be heard too… in that process we can have a better living here in korea as filipinos..ok.so qe must be lucky and welcome her nor to destroy her ..

      1. you are so right ms jenie. looks like one filipino got this so called crab mentality here….too bad. i can only say sorry to her because she is so mad about nothing really.

    3. How many politicians out there are really honest? Honesty = politics?! I don’t think so. That’s why I like Jasmine Lee. She’s not your traditional politician. She’s a woman and a mother. And she will be a good represenative and voice for an under-represented sector of Korean society – the multicultural families. Multicultural families pay the government taxes. They should be heard too.

    1. Just a test.
      How is it now Dane Park? Jasmine is already a Congresswoman. I hope you start to feel sorry to yourself and forgive yourself.
      Try again next time.

  11. yes she was definitely tell a lie many filipino people knows about her, she telling that she came from the prominent family while in fact is not…Be humble Jazmin so as people like you, there are many filipino people who was very disappointed about you…

  12. DUH DUH DUH DUM(B) rolling drum sounds….Koreans =__=;;
    I swear, this is the biggest scandal that isn’t that I’ve ever seen. And this coming from a Korean who’s lived in the US and France and studies politics.
    All the ruckus about being globalised and we can’t even differentiate between medical school and pre-med, between continential European tertiary education (pre-Bologne) and its Anglo-Saxon counterpart.
    And man…all the racist tweets in the Korean twit-o-sphere regarding this incident…I seriously thought something like the London riots of last year or the Paris Banlieue burning of 2005 was happening in Korea, since such incidents MIGHT make such disgusting racism and bigotry understandable…then when I found out the reason –> headdesk
    Shame it wasn’t April Fool’s Day that day ==

  13. uhm WHATEVER you say hannahkim~! Its freedom of speech and expressions! you can bring your army to defend jasmine lee but i want to tell you we are not going to tolerate such a person dishonesty and arrogantness~! Finally,this is my last word to you I’m not going to stoop on your level! :))

      1. of course, i respect your freedom of speech and expression…
        i was just trying to point out that being a Filipina, if you’re a Filipina, you also represent the Filipinas here in Korea in front of your students, co-teachers, boss and to your students’ parents. that’s it.. a lot of Filipinas are being denied jobs already because of … you know what i mean…
        if you’re not a filipina and yet you’re still teaching English, then, really, poor students..
        if you can’t understand that the misinformation was due to misunderstanding, then, we can’t do anything about that. i was able to watch her interview on arirang tv, in English, and she didn’t claim anything she’s not. that was even before she was asked to join politics.
        if you’re being grilled because of her, then just tell them that we are all human beings, we make mistakes but we could correct and learn from them. condemn the mistake/misdeed, not the person.. she was a guest, she didn’t have any control of whatever the production or producers were going to put as subtitles/captions.
        if you try to overlook that mistake either by her or by the producers, you’d see the help she and her organization has been extending to the multicultural families/foreign/migrant workers here in Korea.
        it is really easier to judge a person by her mistakes/misdeeds than by her good deeds.. poor you..
        also, from your comments alone, i can say that we are really not of the same level, dane park.. you can never stoop ON my level.. ^^, i’m not stooping TO your level too.. but you and your cohort are of the same level..
        to you both, well, have a nice week ahead..

        1. English oh english! That’s out of the topic here. I’m not perfect on my grammar too so can’t brag about that.

          1. not perfect too…not bragging too… i’m just pointing out to dane park that like jasmine lee, she has a responsibility to the people who put her there to teach these hopeful students too.. like jasmine lee, she is also representing a group of people.. we all have our own shortcomings. if we fall, don’t we want to be given time to pick ourselves up? so yeah, let’s give jasmine lee the time she needs/asking for to clear/defend herself. or better yet, if she (dane) has the right to vote already, then, just don’t vote for her…if she doesn’t believe in the things she’s advocating for. if she makes it, good, she’d be able to help more people. if she won’t,then, she can still continue with her work…

    1. @dane park: Are you really teaching English to Korean students? I’m sorry to say this Ma’am but your English sucks. No wonder Filipinos are paid less compared to Western counterparts. I’m not saying that I’m better but please before you bash others like Jasmine Lee, try to improve yourself first.

  14. To leeboom,jenry and banheethespectator,jvim~ thank you guys~. You absolutely did a great job! theres many things to say but i dont want to stretch out anymore.,we can expect negative feedback for us by those people with whom they believe their right or even their wrong ,they can argue and insist their right.They retaliate and can say bad words and thats the thing i can’t endure.For me, is just directing what is right though am not saying am always right, No one does, Our freedom of speech and expression is the best way to voice out our opinion,feelings and ideas for others, anyway, wheither jasmine lee will win or not she will no longer gain the people’s trust..

  15. I think BS Biology students should not refer to their undergraduate degrees as ” pre-med” especially if its not a program like an Intermed (the first 2 years if im not mistaken is a premed), or if its not under a Medical School. Most BS Biology programs are housed under the College of Science etc but not in the Medical School. There are so many premed courses available out there, not only Biology. The truth is ” BS Biology curriculum is not even close to a medical school curriculum unlike other baccalaureate courses such as Biochemistry, Public Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, Human Biology, Medical Microbiology, PT and Medical Technology. I think the use of the term “pre-med ” when asked about the undergraduate degree a person is taking is just an ego booster. What’s wrong with saying that the undergraduate degree is plain BS Biology? Call it a pre-med if you proceeded to medicine proper after.

    1. I beg to disagree that “BS Biology curriculum is not even close to a medical school curriculum” and that pre-med is an “ego booster”. I think taking up an MD course differs with each country. In the Philippines, studying medicine is an 8-year course and which starts in a 4-year pre-med course (BS Biology) and the proper medicine course. The B.S. Biology curriculum is considered a pre-med course:
      I finished BS Biology in Saint Louis University and the lessons and subjects we had are indeed in preparation for entering the medicine proper. Just as an example, some of the major subjects we had: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Histology, Embryology, Biochemistry, and Medical Microbiology.

      1. Hi mel! Thanks for the info. The main networks in Korea didn’t spend much time on the alleged education forgery perhaps because they know what goes on on television shows?

  16. If there is one person here who would know the Jasmine Lee behind the camera, that would be me. I didn’t want to comment further to avoid appearance of bias – but that is why I allow different opinions here. Like I said in another post, there isn’t any explanation sufficient for those who already made up their minds about her. Still, your opinions (whether pro or anti) are all welcome. Just as long as you don’t call people names.
    I still believe that Jaz didn’t deliberately lie. She also did not “forge” her education. I still think that her mentioning of medical school is consistent with the context of her interviews. She never claimed to have graduated, when in fact she always say that she was a student when she met her husband and got pregnant. As for how and why she ended up being a “medical student” – I still think that the media is primarily to blame for not reporting accurately (at one of her press interviews she actually explained about the pre-med course); her handlers for sugarcoating; and Jaz for not thinking that that info could be a very big deal to some. She is not entirely faultless but she is not what others think she is.
    I still don’t think that this issue should hamper OUR chance of being represented in Korea’s parliamentary. She is the best person for the job – even if I or others are more educated, based on formal educational attainment ;p. If she was meant to have a seat on Korea’s congress, you only have destiny to blame for that.

    1. we are all human being with error /mistake/mislead and I believe ther’s e always a chance to correct them.. If Jazmin really wants to achieve her goal ( as politician she has to admit her fault ( if any) and give apology in public…. ” mas maliwanag pa kasi sa buwan na may LIES…. LOL .. Is that PINOY? paano mo ma-aa preciate ang tagumpay kung sa kabila nito ay may kasinungalingan….. gandang umaga Ms. Betchay

  17. Hi Ms. Betchay, thank you for this blog. You mean that all the links that banheethspectator gave for us to read more about Jaz Lee were not true? How about the interviews and videos~ fake?
    The best way is to show the authenticated transcript of records. This is not a joke situation, some other pinoys this days experienced already somebody say… “pilipin are liar.” A lot of people came from Davao and Cebu and knew about Hasmin verryyy well from birth~~present. Not like other people that they knew only Jaz in her new life in Korea. Sad to know :). But anyway, we have our own particular way of life to follow and that is her “way of life” to gain people. Remember “Honesty is the Best Policy”.Whether she will win or not, the damage had been done. Thnx for posting…

  18. i’d rather be an open-minded person than magnify a small thing. there are many people out there who have shown their ability to lead, but sadly, their advocacy and missions are deterred by hypocrisy. it’s disappointing that even your countrymen will help in justifying why another fellow is at fault; will help in pinning down in an effort to squirt out the dirt.
    people see things in different perspectives. for me, this issue is shallow. i find it ridiculous and disturbing when your own fellows try to justify that a simple mistake, or if you want to call it a lie (so be it, leche!), makes a person a “lifesize liar” and incompetent to lead. so gano’n na lang ‘yon? this justifies why Ms Lee cannot be trusted; why she cannot lead; why she’s not qualified to run. forget about her accomplishments and contributions; forget about what she’s sincerely done for her fellows and other people. well, to each his own. but a simple lie or mistake is not an intelligent excuse to fault someone who has remarkably made a niche for herself.
    oh hypocrisy! must you be the reason why people are “perfect?”

    1. Please be more open-minded to not frustrate yourself at how people think of her now. Just accept that to some people what happened is not acceptable.

    BUT FOR ME…. KAHIT ANO PA ANG SASABIHIN NYO… AM I WITH HER IN SUCCESS AND FAILURES… mayaman man sya or mahirap, natapos man sya or not…
    but thumbs up ako sa kanya kasi magaling sya..
    It’s not all about education in school na magaling ka, dahil graduate na kung ano anong courses dyan…Through experiences, doon ka rin magkaroon ng LEARNING PROCESS about the real world talaga…
    Marami ring natatapos sa mga magagandang school dahil din sa pera nila, maraming natatapos dahil pumasok sila… pero marami ring nakatapos na walang natutunan…
    In her case, mas malamang sya sa mga nakakatapos ng pag aaral, kasi nandyan sya ngayon sa high society ng korea…dahil, may utak sya, magaling sya and its her destiny… Kaya let’s support her na lang instead kung ano anong mga comments dyan sa itaas…
    PEACE PO….

    1. I wish Jasmine Lee thinks the same way as you do. I’m also a Filipina married to Korean but to tell the truth if there’s someone who my husband and I think should represent us, it has to be a person we can trust. Sad to say for is it’s not Jasmine Lee not because she didn’t finish her schooling but credibility wise. But like what Ms. Betchay said in case she wins, which is more likely to happen, we only have the destiny to blame for that.

    2. What is the use of qualifications? hindi komo magaling at matulungin ka ay qualified ka na… that’s why people will study to earned a degree to be qualified …. hehehe in terms sa pagtulong You can support foreign migrant/ filipinos and other nation in your own special way … you don’t have to enter politics and showing the World your impressive identity … Good morning ….

    1. @ rAZE,
      kUNG IKAW AY Loyalist you will vote her , but how can we vote a person who is not honest , ( kung sa sarili niya hindi siya naging matapat how come sa ibang tao…( she denying her real identity na hindi naman dapat, instead of saying she came from poor family she says she came from prominent high class family in the Philippines .. LOL… I believe that in the politics with a person who is not honest is a big problem, no matter how hard the person tries to hide the Truth will prevail soon.
      It so important and significant to we really want that place with a person who is honest sincere and humble full of ability with good moral …If Jazmin really wants to achieve her goal as politician She has admit her fault ( if any) and give apology in public..

      1. Jasmine Bacurnay Lee does not have to make an apology in public, all she needs to do is explain her side…she was just mis understood by some people. For sure she has no intention of lying. It was all about the some differences on educational system of two countries :korea and philippines. For sure ,she is an intellegent and educated woman who have accomplished a bachelors degree in the Philippines. Honesty is not an issue here, its miscommunication. To Jasmine Bacurnay Lee , dont get discouraged….move on and move up high….keep smiling , were very proud of you. Miss you girl. mwahh, keep up the good work.

  20. Many Koreans would think they were ridiculed by her. She majored in biology taking allegedly premed course. Nobody can say she was a medical school student in that she just studied years in the biology department.
    As for premed course, it is quite ambiguous since it is not a specific department. Can anybody possibly claim that she took the premed course after taking few courses related to natural sciences? No!
    Premed courses should consist of 2 years of chemistry, one year of physics, one year of organic chemistry and one year of biology, which means biology is relatively not a major portion. So when she claims she took the premed course as a biology major, it should be verified.
    I don’t think her party will disqualify her from proportional election candidacy, primarily because the time is short with the election day coming close. Yet, the thing is that she lost her credibility and integrity to Korean people including the multicultural families she is supposed to represent.
    Last but not the least, she was supposed to be an honor and pride for Filipinos and the Philippines, but on the contrary, she could be a vivid example of Filipino’s falsehood and corruption which Koreans despise and laugh at.
    In short, she could epitomize, from Korean people’s point of view, the Philippines’ corruption which both of Filipinos and Koreans consider the barrier preventing the Philippines from development. She was ridiculous and in turn Koreans were ridiculed by her.

  21. that is why i hate politics…. i am sorry for the educational system in Korea that kills 1 student in every 30 minutes. High education with empty hearts, minds loaded with information but never find any meaning of “life”. I hope multicultural families will be aware of this… allow your children to play with friends and have time for them. let Koreans be consume of what they boosted ‘high educational system’. on the other hand, I believe Jazz popularity was used to promote the party let me take a simple calculation of multicultural population; it is only 2.6% including other nationalities. There are only 7,180 Filipina who can legally vote let us place in advance that at least 70% of this small number likes her. Where is the possibility of winning? There is one thing to learn for us Filipinas in South Korea we should learn how to say NO! especially that the government highlights to promote multicultural families and be conscious of politicians who can use the vulnerability of the multicultural family .

    1. People don’t have to vote for her but for her party. If her party gets a high share of votes, she’s in.

  22. I just wanted to throw this out there…
    not at most schools anyways. It’s just a short way of saying “I plan on going to medical school.” It’s like people saying pre-law. There IS no pre-law major!
    Pre-med means that you’ll be taking the required course/s in order to get into medical school, like a year of chem, year of physics, year of bio, blah blah blah…
    in-short it’s a track you go on to before entering MEDICAL SCHOOL..
    There typically is not a “biology pre-med” only a biology or pre-med program, but you can be BIOLOGY MAJOR and be labeled as a “pre-med” student meaning: that you are taking the set of classes you need to take to qualify for med school.

  23. BS bio can led one to become a secondary school teacher teaching biology for second year high school students in the Philippines if she can finished the course and be registered as a teacher not necessarily become a medical doctor.

  24. She’s promise is realllly crazy….. WTF?
    불법체류자 다문화가정 무료 의료 지원
    다문화 가정 특례 입학
    보육료 무료 지원
    국/공립 유치원 우선입학(교육비 100% 전액지원)
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    바우처사업 우선발급
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    임대주택 1순위
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    전기세 감소
    주민등록증 발급 공자
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    자조모임 운영비 지원

    1. A lot of the things here are already being offered by the government. Some of the items on the list are not really necessary.

        1. Korea is indeed getting crazy. they praise and get excited about the achievement of a Korean (naturalized American) in his new home country yet react with hostility to the achievement of a naturalized Korean from the Philippines.. oh crazy indeed, crazy…

        2. Hi Lol! I had to ask Jasmine about this and yes the list is not Jasmine’s doing. However, some of the things listed here like the free day care is being given by the government to multicultural families as well as to Koreans, right? The free Korean language and cooking classes for foreign spouses. (Koreans don’t need the language classes, right?)

  25. 아직 없는 것들은 알려 드릴게요..ㅎㅎㅎ 친족 가정부 지원 프로크램이 아직 없어요
    핖리핀에서 온 할머니와 이모.. 다문화가정 소속된 사람들이고 다문화자녀양육의 역할하는데 그사람들도 양육 지원 같은 프로크램이 있으면 좋겠어용..
    그리고 결혼이주여성의 대학.석사. 박사 다닐 수 있는 지원…우리도 어느 정도 자신의 개발하는 데 좋은 것 같은데 여기 온 여성들은 교육수준이 남편들 보다 더 높은 편이라서 석사.박사 마치고 가족, 사회, 나라에서 노동력을 제공할 뿐 이주여성들 사회적 지위 높을 수 있는 법…

  26. They don’t call politics “dirty” for nothing. Congratulations Jasmine Lee for winning a seat in the National Assembly! Just continue working for the good of multicultural families in South Korea and prove your detractors wrong. SK may be a developed nation, but they still have a long way to go in becoming a truly globalized nation. Sad to say that a lot of them still have xenophobia in varying levels or degrees. I used to have this profound interest and respect for all things Korean (my husbund being Korean). But I’ve been disappointed in many things I’ve seen and experienced about South Korea. I know both the good and bad about South Korea. So, I take everything I read about SK with a grain of salt. I believe Jasmine Lee is authentic. And I admire her for her strength. If I was in her shoes, I would probably have given up so easily…

    1. So helping multiculture family is good way. Even Korean didnt have that kind of service.. If u guys really want respect in Korean society plz do u Like Korean. Not always follow the benefit. Since u guys have benefit, u guys already agree that there is differential between Korean and Multiculture family. And we have right to blame u guys.

      1. Yes, there is a difference between the Korean and multicultural family. It’s the distinction that the government sets. A multicultural family is composed of a Korean (could be man or woman) and his/her foreign spouse. The problem is we only think of the multicultural family as the foreign spouse. That’s why in her interviews, Jasmine said that she hopes to see a Korea that doesn’t distinguish the multicultural family. Too bad that even if Jasmine speaks Korean well and lives in Korea and according to CICI, she represents the good image of Korea (Cho, Lee wins award for promoting Korea), there are still some people who thinks of her as a foreigner just because she wasn’t born here or her parents are not Korean. The Korean media itself has caught on what they see as a xenophobic attitude towards her. Again, it’s the Korean media who is calling racism on what is happening now:
        Korean Xenophobia Betrays Double Standards
        Jasmine Lee Faces Racial Abuse after Election Win
        Xenophobic Attacks Target Naturalized Lawmaker
        Jasmine Lee Faces Racial Backlash
        The good thing is, outside the internet the Korean people Jasmin meets have been treating her with kindness.
        I believe the Korean government introduces programs to integrate the foreign spouse into the Korean culture so she could live harmoniously with her/his Korean family. There are free Korean language classes and cooking classes. There are also Korean culture classes where the foreign spouse not only learn about being a Korean wife and daughter-in-law, we also learn about the aesthetic and historical aspects of the culture. This benefits not only the foreign spouse but if she could communicate well with her husband, they could have a real marriage. She could live with her husband’s family better. It benefits not just one person but it could be the whole community as well. Now I’m reminded of a documentary I saw ten years ago about a Filipina in Mungyeong. She speaks Korean well and of course, English. She teaches English to almost everyone in that community – from the kids to their mothers and some government workers as well.
        The list about Jasmine’s campaign promises has been proven to be a lie. There are lots of lies about her posted on the internet now. Posting a lie on the internet and calling Jasmine a liar is like the pot calling the kettle black ;p
        Why do some Korean men marry foreign women? Why do some even have to spend money to do so?

  27. saw on news last night about a call to Koreans to stop the negative comments on Jasmine Lee. true, many are not in favor of her securing a spot. for me, these people are those over educated, over qualified under achievers. great minds didn’t necessarily graduate from the university or didn’t necessarily finish a degree but they were able to make a difference. they had reasons, inspirations, ideas, visions etc.. they didn’t necessarily have a “degree”…

    1. Hi hannahkim! The issue is not really just about her education anymore but her being a ‘foreigner’ and a Southeast Asian.

      1. I truly agree Ms Betchay. I don’t get it that Koreans and even other people (I’ve experienced discrimination myself) in the region discriminate people from Southeast Asia. By the way, ASEAN will be a single community in 2015. ASEAN will be a force to reckon with in the future.
        I’m totally against this racism issue. If Korean netizens will not stop, many people will really be disgusted and their so-called Korean Wave will be endangered. How ironic that they want to conquer the world with their music, dramas and even electronic gadgets but they don’t welcome “foreigners or Southeast Asians to their country. Take note that Southeast Asians were one of the first people who embraced K-pop and K-dramas. Have a great day!

  28. oo nga ate, di ko nabanggit.. nabasa ko kase comments ni MRI KI about “qualifications”.. Lakay was very angry.. yet i always joked he’s a Choseon man, LOL. marami pa pala mas grabe.. hehe..

    1. Outside the blogosphere and the WWW, Koreans have been treating Jasmine nicely.
      Regarding “qualifications”… ano ba ang qualifications na kailangan? Hindi naman masabi.

  29. Interesting take on education. From an American standpoint this is all ridiculous. We have pre-med majors but you don’t have to have it to go to medical school. All you have to do is pass the entrance exam. Some people have passed it while majoring in political science. Biology is one of the best fields to take to get into medical school.

  30. Hey pls read and view the all interviews by Jasmine…Ah you don’t know Korean…In other interviews, she told about ‘medical university”… She is a liar!!!!

  31. And she cooperates with the new party (saenuri). This party is a modified version of the descendants of the barbaric dictatorship appeared in 1980. The reason why many Koreans are angry about her is the she joined the Saenuri party, associated with present Lee Myung Bak regime. The government has done many harms to Korean people. Many Koreans will continue to hate her because of her association with the barbaric ruling party.

  32. Jasmine told about “attendance to medical university” in other interviews. She is a sucking liar!!!!

    1. please read. she didn’t mention about going to a medical university. the reporter was a Filipina.
      if i were a Korean reporter, i would ask her why she took BS Bio. if i were Jasmine Lee, i would have answered “because I wanted to go to medical school. i wanted to be a doctor.” and then the misunderstanding begun..
      back home, i have friends who took up BS Bio. since my SIL took BSBio to be a doctor, i assumed they will pursue medicine too. only one did and the other taught in highschool biology. it’s all up to you. mind over matter…

    2. @Jokaka Hello there! I’m a B.S. Biology graduate myself. Most of my classmates went to medical school and they are all doctors now. I did not go to medical school but instead I took up a Masters degree in Environmental Management. B.S. Biology is one of the best undergraduate courses to take before entering medical school. However, you need to take and pass the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) first.
      Why are you so angry with Jasmine Lee Jokaka? I’m really wondering. Are you Korean or Filipino? The issue now is not already her “education” but about her roots. Would they be like this if she’s an American-born naturalized Korean citizen? It’s sad that South Korea is actively promoting its songs (K-pop) and dramas to the world with the so-called Korean Wave but they (netizens) don’t welcome others to their country. Filipinos even are tolerant with Korean celebrities in the Philippines and embracing this so-called Korean Wave. I’m totally disappointed with Koreans and those Filipinos who are pulling Jasmine Lee down.

  33. I know how much she contributed to the poor people especially those who are underserved if someone wants to be on her post like she’ve got then better do it in action… the wisdom in this world is not what Jz possess. The real wisdom she has is the heart for real service. Even when she was not yet on pedestal she already served people. There is one thing we have to reflect ourselves before we throw a stone on others. Did we do something for the betterment of Korean society? or only complain for nothing? sometimes educated people remain thinking without doing. Having a high education has no value if it means to destroy and not to construct.

    1. That’s true. I say she is already there and let’s just give her the chance. The Korean people who know her believes in her and what she can do. A lot of us here who post on the internet only knew her from what we see on TV or read on the news article.

  34. from what I’ve read from the comments above, I can say that most of the Korean population do NOT embrace foreigners in their country and that they xenophobiac tendencies in dealing with things that aren’t familiar ergo, the hatred, the ridicule….man, and I wanted to visit S. Korea next year…guess s.korean tourism lost 1 possible tourist and the many others who read this article’s comments….swerte ng mga “koryans” na andito sa Pilipinas…we’re not a hostile race,..in fact we pride ourselves with our hospitality….soooo disappointing….their economy is going up…their mentality and attitude is going down..inversely proportional…

  35. Hi ate betchay!!
    Hi din sa inyong lahat!:)
    Sa tv ko lang po kilala si jas lee but I am still proud of her achievements(including her mistakes) in a very hostile environment like sk. Let me assume that because of korean dramas,music etc almost ALL Filipinos want to go to korea. But sadly, this feeling is not well reciprocated by this country esp by its people. I’ve been in korea for a year now as a student, and really, its a love-hate relationship. Koreans can be really charming people but the sincerity is questionable. And I do agree that racism though not spoken of does exist here. And we Filipinos are at the bottom of this food chain. So disappointing but this is an eye opener to all filipinos wanting to live,work,study in sk. Its such a pity that during class we talk about multicultural families (filipino women being the best example), and how the korean government is providing assistance to these ‘poor and uneducated women’. I hate to admit it but, i guess this has become our trademark. Filipinos who are naturalized korean citizen will always be seen and treated as an ‘alien’ unless someone do something about this. Jas lee is making one step towards helping multicultural families. If we think she is not qualified because of her mistakes, then I challenge all Filipino migrant wives to have the courage and put yourself forward. Lee might have made her mistake but she is still one of us. And now that she enteted politics, she is treading in deep waters. I’ll bet this will not be the last issue she will be facing. But, i’ll be backing her up in my own way.
    Peace everyone!
    Only dead fish swim with the current!

  36. Alam niyo hindi hostile ang mga koreano, alam niyo bang ilang koreano at ibang dayuhan ang nahahassle din dito sa pinas. Gusto kong maging patas. Patas dapat tayo. Betchay makinig po sana kahit parang ako yung hostile haha. Ngayon simulan natin sa problem ng mga pilipino sa mga koreano, oks, parang hindi sincere daw yung trato sa mga pinoy, parang cold ang trato, parang alienated, tsaka yung problema kay jasmine lee, yung pagtira ng mga koreano ng marangya sa pinas. Ang dami nu? tingnan natin san at anu kaya ang nangyari at ganun sila? hm. Sino na ang nakapunta sa BIR, yung immigration pra sa mga foriegner, aba dun palang sa unang step papunta sa Philippine paradise eh nagsasablay na, naku. Alam niyo bang ang pagpila sa isang window/yung transaction window kung san ka nagbabayad sa immigration eh lalampas ng isang oras, ilang windows pa ung kailangan mung puntahan para matapos ung isang visa, grabee. Tpos pag turn mu na para kausapin ung magpoprocesso, aabot mu lang ung papeles mu tapos after 1 hour kailangan mu bumalik ulit sa window na un, wow. Tapos ung mga ibang official and customer service dun, naninigaw pa, promise totoo haha, ung mga tao, ung iba parang menopause kahit lalaki nakasimangot tapos highblood, siguro kasi sa dami ba naman ng tao, hindi eh, umaga palang ganun na. tsaka dating dati may nakita akong official guard dun eh ginusot at tinapon ung resibo ng isang dayuhan na walang ginagawa, aba, aba. Tagal talaga magpalakad dito sa pinas pero syempre intindihin natin sila, hindi ganun sa bayan nila, pag punta ng pinoyski syempre mabilis ung serbiso nila dun. Buti nga sa Korea may multi cultural school ech ech, tapos ang daming pinapatayo ni Jasmine sa korea, dito sa Pinas, sa ibang university walang naghahandle sa mga foriegner, aba alam niyo bang sa bagong ginawa ng rule ng immigration, ang school na ang naghahandle ng visa process ng mga student foreigner so ngayon may dagdag na bababayran ung mga dayuhan, aba ung ibang naghahandle na staff ng school hirap pa sa english. May not stated cases na yung mga school admins minsan pag hindi maganda relationship ng mga student, late finafile yung mga visa para may penalty tapos pag nagalit ung mga student, sila yung muhkang masama. Tsaka ilang bese na akong nakarinig ng banta na i will deport you, kahit sa matataas na unibersidad eh may gumagamit niya, kawawa yung mga ibang foriegner, isipin niyo, ilan years and months na nakahiwalay sa magulang at nagiisa dito sa bansang ngayon lang nila napuntahan, mga ilang taon lang ang mga ito. Yung mga hindi makasunod sa klase dito sa pinas eh pinagpapaspecial class, bakit hindi ganun nilang ang gawin nga mga tao dun sa korea, aba, nakatira sila sa korea, kumikita, aba dapat mag special class din sila kahit papaano, hindi ung may special school and services pa. Wag niyo kalimutan ang daming di nakakapagaral dito sa pinas tapos susuportahan natin si Jasmine Lee na eh yung pangangailangan ng bansa niya eh nalimutan, buti nga nakakapagaral ung mga multicultural na mga bata eh gusto may additional services pa, pagawa mu nilang ng school yan dito sa pinas, mansion pa ang magagawa mung school sa perang iyan. Dito sa pinas kahit wala ng special service hehe basta may education para sa lahat. Tsaka buti nga racism lang tsaka bad words ang natatanggap ng mga foriegner diyan eh dito sa pinas aba highschool palang dami ng binubogbog na koreano tsaka pinagtitripan tsaka ninakakwan pa, haha oh wag niyong sabihin na walang nakakita ng ganun. try niyo magtingin sa mga ibang school, makikita niyo may sparing match tapos pinagtututulungan ung mga koreano sa mga bar tsaka kainan and fastfood places, hangout places. Anu pa kaya ang mas racism sa pagbugbog sa mga koreano, murahin tapos sabihin go back to your country? haha diba. Alam ko gigil mga pinoy tsaka normal sa pinas ang away ganun din sa korea aba nagmumurahan sila tapos pag may namurang hapon, racism na ba un? haha. Sa korea kasi pag may kahit nasuntok ka, may fine ung ng malaking pera automatic. Yung isang vice mayor ba un, ung na news, aba naka state na dun ah, nagsisigawan sila, hinampas ni vice mayor ng golf club yung koreano, tapos ung susugudin na ng koreano si vice mayor eh pinagtulungan na damputin ng mga tauhan niya tapos aba nagyayabang pa na itapon sa korea, anu ba naman niyang vice na yan, alam naman natin sa kapwa pilipino wala talagang asal ung ibang opsiyales ng pinas pero grabe naman yan diba? patas naman kayong nagaaway tapos ung nahampas ng golf club siya pa ung na deport. Nakasaad na marami ang mga koreano na nadito sa pinas pero isipin niyo ung land territorry aba, kung ang mga korean dito sa pinas eh wala pang 1 percent, ang foreigner sa korea eh 60% na diba haha sa liit ng bansang korea. Tsaka sa daming daming koreano na pumunta sa pinas at bumalik ng korea, anu sa tingin niyo ang gagawing trato sa mga pinoyski na nahirapan, ninakawan at pinaghahampas ng golflclub? haha. Sanay na tayo sa kahirapan sila hindi, kaya doble, triple ang mas hirap na nadadanasan nila. Iba ang kultura at mga tao dun, kaya mukhang malamig ang trato sa mga pinoy. nakakita akong nag mumura na general manager na koreano pero sa katapusan ng araw aba mamimigay ng pagkain, pera ganun, ibigsabihin syempre work is work tsaka cold in the outside, warm in the inside. iba iba ang tao sa mundo, busy sila maglakad papunta sa mga trabaho nila anu gusto natin, mag bow sila, oo nga pala pati ung inaasar dito sa pinas, ang pag bow ng mga koreano, tsaka ung pagkain na kimchi ung iba okay na ung ayaw aba pinagtatawanan pa. Ang dami kayang nilalait na koreanong student dito sa pinas, ung iba dahil baluktot ang english, ung iba wala lang kasi pdeng asarin at hindi makakasumbong. Alam niyo mga pinoyski sa korea buti pde mag report sa police, dito sa pinas, karamihan pineperahan ng police ang mga koreano tapos sila pa ung nadedeport. maraming nadedeport na koreano. aba maraming koreano ang binabantaan na madali madeport sa pinas, sa ibang unibersidad lalo na. Tsaka marami ang koreano ang nasasaksak, pinapatay, ninanakawan, hinoholdap, nararape dito sa pinas aba. Buti pa mga pinoy sa korea, kahit papaano minimal, kasi fully covered ng cctv. Yung panahon ng gera, ung puro americano at ispanol ang nasa pinas, anu naramdaman natin? panu kaya ang mga koreano na puro dayuhan na ang bansa nila na pdeng mabura na ang mga tao nila. sa sobrang dami ng pinosyki walang problem sa pinas pero pano sa kanila. Aba meron nga mga worker sa korea na matagal na, taon na, aba tnapon ang pamilya niya sa pinas at naglive in sa koreano, aba papayag ba kayo na mamuhay ng mabuti sila? syempre magdudusa sila, makasalan eh, meron may kalive in dito pero di alam sa pinas ng pamilya, meron din mga worker sa mga hotel, naninindak ng mga korean staff para magpabalot ng pagkain na ipinagbabawal kasi pag dinahilan ng mga pilipino na sumakit ang tiyan nila kahit hindi, dahil hindi ok ung pagkakapackage magmumulta at masisira ung image ng hotel, kaya dapat proper and alam ung pagpapackage at paguuwi ng pagkain. tsaka si mrs jasmine lee, kumita na siya, wag niyo na kaawaan. Maging politician ka lang, alam niyo ba na pensyonado na siya pag nag retiro habang buhay ng bansang korea. Kailangan niya ng pera, un ang unang purpose niya, kung ang gusto niya talaga eh maging missionary and volunteer to help others eh pumunta siya sa pinas, maging dep ed head kung education ang frontline niya kung gusto niya helping the foreigner in need eh mag ghana africa siya, syempre gusto na mamuhay ng matagal sa korea at magkapangalan, inisip niya na maraming boboto na foreigner sa kanya, kaya nga wala syang pakialam sa koreano kaya nagagalit ang mga koreano, dapat patas ung law niya, madali magka project tsaka mag tanggal ng bawal sa mga dayuhan sa korea pero mahirap maging patas. Isipin niyo isang araw, maging presidente bumbay sa pinas tapos sabihin lahat ng bumbay uunahin sa LTO, lahat ng magmumura at magaaway sa bumbay makukulong at madedeath sentence, tsaka ang mga bumbay may sariling school, tsaka pensyonado mga bumbay, uunahin ko mga bumbay!! un ang sabi, anu pakiramdam ng mga pinoy na makakarinig nun? aba outrage! roar! papasabugin natin un.
    Mayaman na siya, nasa korea na siya, pag kailangan ng tulong ng pinas wala siya tapos pag kailangan niya ng good image hihingi siya ng tulong sa PHILIPPINES. yung mga politician na mga koreano syempre maggagalit sa kanya, pinaghirapan nilang aysin ang sistema ng korea, ilang years silang nag aral, diba karamihan tingnan niyo parang lolo na at nakakalbo na ung ulo ng mga politicians ng mga korea pero si Jasmine Lee, parang di pa nagtapos diba? parang outrage, dapat may utak din syempre, si gloria kahit corrupt hindi naghirap ng ganito ang pinas nung nakay president noypi na. Aba si Marcos kahit utak lang ang kalamangan niya eh dami nyang projects na kahit hanggang ngayon eh, ginagamt padin, tulad ng mga highways and expressways aba.

  37. Jasmine Lee, tulungan mu muna ang pinas, mas marami kang matutulungan dito, mas magiging grateful pa kami, ayun nga lang ayaw mu yata dito.

  38. sorry talaga Jasmine Lee
    Congratulations pero ang taong nakalimot sa sariling bansa at nakalimutan ang mga kabataan ng bansang Pilipinas ay mas malansa pa sa galunggong – Rizal’s work modified ^^

  39. Congratulations pero ang taong nakalimot sa sariling bansa at nakalimutan ang mga kabataan ng bansang Pilipinas ay mas malansa pa sa galunggong – Rizal’s work modified ^^ sorry talga jasmine lee, good luck pero you are own your own

  40. pero mga tropa pips, yung iba, lalo na yung mga asawa niyo pag sinabing, nawala pera ko sa korea, hindi ako nakapagtrabaho, kinupitan ako, baka may kabit lang yan haha. punta kayo sa philippine embassy website ng korea, wowowow grabi lampas 100 ang grupo, association, fellowship ech ech na para sa pinoy, mga groups and works para sa kanila, mga sports union, ang dami, eh ang mga foriegner, koreano sa pinas wala para sa kanila, kawawa minsan. Hindi lahat ng mg koreano na nasa pinas mayayaman, kung malalaman niyo lang karamihan sa kanila, baon sa utang or gustong kumita sa pinas kaya nag bibusiness pero ayun kupit dun nakaw dito tapos deport after. Isipin niyo, sa mga kilala niyong koreano, may nabankrupt na ung company or nakotongan or nabaon sa utang dahil sa penalty sa visa. Ung visa ang labo din kasi, bahala ka sa buhay kung panu gagawin, ganun haha 🙂 peace… love the truth, be equal.

  41. her mother’s last name is villanueva but jasmine her last name is bacurnay is it possible??? so her mother’s husband is not her father??? if like that jasmine’s mother has 2 husband???? how can i get her real name can you help me PLS!!!!!

  42. jasmine lee . kami lahat na nasa pyeongtaek masaya nakilala ka be strong and always pray to our lord dahil maraming nag jealius maraming mag down sa iyo ganyan talaga pag maraming blessing we love you just keep going hwag mong pansinin mga ingit sa kagandahan mo dahil wala sla sa talent mo we support you …..fighting …!!!!

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