ABS-CBN News: Anti-multicultural group in Korea criticizes Pinay candidate

The campaigns are on-going and the elections in Korea is only several days ahead. On April 11th, we will be selecting candidates for congress as well as our party of choice for the proportional representatives. Is April 11th a non-working holiday? Not necessarily as some employees will have to report for work that day.
Anyway, going back to the topic of the “Jasmine Lee scandal”. It’s a good thing that she is continuing with her campaign, and just let the press or her party’s spokesperson do their job. After all, those who already made up their minds about her would not change their decisions no matter what she says.
I’m wishing her good luck and I really hope she makes it, not only for the multicultural families and migrants in Korea but for the country itself. Meanwhile, here’s a news article written by Cathy Rose Garcia and posted on ABS-CBN News website.
Anti-multicultural group in Korea criticizes Pinay candidate


  1. no offense but she is not qualified to be in Korean politics
    I would rather have a person who was born and raised in Korea, (doesn’t matter what ethnicity they are as long as they have Korean citizenship) than a lady who has spent more than half her life in the Philippines and was raised there
    Also, she did say that she went to med school when she clearly hasn’t. if she lived in Korea for 15 years and is planning on going into politics she should have known the difference between Korean and Philippine education system.
    If she didn’t know it, that ISN’T and CANNOT be an excuse.
    She’s in Korean politics. No matter how young she is and how inexperienced she is in Korean politics, she should as a Korean politician know more about Korea if she really wants to be successful.
    She is clearly being used by the Saenuri party. I mean what conservative party recruits foreign-born Korean citizens to their party unless they’re really desperate to get some voters?

  2. Anti-multicultural group is getting more increase in Korea cuz of foreigner crime. It is very serious cuz most of people’s dont have any feeling to immigrant but illegal immigrants are getting issue and their is lot of crime happens. I hope their is no harm for regal immigrants..

  3. When she was interviewed for the show. she has no intention to join politics yet, she was cleary in good faith when that interview was done… She had her education in the Philippines, so she obviously answered the question based on the educational background she had which was in the PHILIPPINES!
    I don’t think it’s fair for her to be judged based on this issue!!! The real issue here is :Can she represent the sector of Multicultural families living in Korea? Is she capable of giving them a voice? I think those questions have been answered long ago!! Educational background is irrelevant if the person is not willing to serve!!! I will support Jasmine all the way, not because she is Filipino like me but because I know she can serve and that she represented multicultural families well!!!

  4. Izzy// Its good that someone represented multicultural families but if u see Jasmine’s promise u won’t. If u are Korean It make us really mad. Even u go to Korean Site like Nate nobody agree with that and especially now there is issue that Chinese kill korean woman. People getting Anti-multicultural to all race. U can find it .. That really effected to Jasmine now. Cuz they mention about jasmine alot

  5. I agree with Izzy. Citizenship is not a concern, her capacity to represent the multicultural group in Korea matters most. I think she can. She was mistakenly interpreted about telling her educational background when interviewed in one of Korea’s National television about her Pre-Med school in the Philippines. Philippines and Korean educational system is entirely different and this should not be an issue whe she said that because her degree was actually a pre-med course. She was not telling a lie. We support her all through out.

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