2012 Seoul Friendship Fair

At the 2011 Seoul Friendship Fair

On Saturday, we will be celebrating Children’s Day in Korea. It’s also the day for the “2012 Seoul Friendship Fair”. It’s a festival celebrating multi-culturalism in Korea. It will be held this year on Saturday and Sunday (May 5 and 6) from noon to 7 PM. The venue is (as usual) Seoul Plaza, the street of Mugyo-dong and Cheonggyecheon.
If you’re a foreigner and you want some international cuisine, this is a must-visit festival. I always go home with a full stomach after attending this festival. I always want to try all the different food from different countries. Don’t forget to bring thousands of won to this event! They don’t accept credit cards here.
Participants in this event are the various embassies in Korea. Countries from Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East showcase their crafts. You can even try the national costumes at the booths. Some have products not only for display but are also sold to visitors.
Aside from the food booths, there are also exhibits and performances. There are drawings made by Korean children and multicultural kids studying at the foreign schools in Korea. There are performance stages set at the different parts of the venue. Two years ago, we were captivated by the Ainu dances as well as the Chinese mask dance. I remember my son being captivated by the sound of the Kangaba drums. This is the perfect place to bring kids on Children’s Day and teach them about multiculturalism.

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