Korean Pizza

Our neighborhood is not only known for the universities nearby but also for the numerous eateries selling “Korean pizza”. I’m not talking about the pizza with tomato-based sauce and toppings. The first time I had “pa jeon” or green onion pancake, I was told that it is “Korean pizza”.

Korean pizza or "pa jeon"

If you order one from the stores nearby, the Korean pizza is packaged in a box. Inside is an unsliced pancake with slices of seafood – shrimp, clam, squid, crab – and lots of green onions. The one on the picture is 10,000 won an order and it’s good for 2 to 4 people. An accompaniment is pickled onions. Yummy!


  1. Hello Betchay! ^ ^
    Wah! This Korean pizza looks really delicious! 😛
    Shall try it if I ever get the chance! Do they have any other flavors available? ^~^
    Did you get my mail? 😀

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