Korean Musical: Arirang Fantasy

Arirang Fantasy stars Cherish Maningat, a Filipina stage actress
Arirang Fantasy is an original Korean musical that stars a Filipina stage actress, Cherish Maningat Bae, along with seasoned Korean performers. The musical will have a nationwide tour in different cities in South Korea.
Here’s the synopsis of the musical:

A Filipino girl Isabelle, while traveling in Korea, falls in love with a Korean man and later marries him despite her mother-in-law’s fierce opposition. However, her life soon falls into misery as she loses her husband in a car accident even before their first anniversary. Isabelle and her daughter Bori live on amid the unkind mother-in-law and a not so open-minded rural neighborhood. It is Isabelle’s deepest wish to earn her mother-in-law’s love, and Isabelle decides to enter the TV Show “Nationwide Singing Contest” to win her mother-in-law’s love.
Meanwhile, an unknown singer Bae Gi-sung ends up in Isabelle’s rural neighborhood while fleeing his creditor and somehow becomes in charge of Isabelle’s vocal training for the contest. Gi-sung’s kindness comforts Isabelle, a sentiment which she had not experienced for a long time. On the day of the contest’s preliminary, a neighbor Jang Dan-ji sees Gi-sung and Isabelle and tells the mother-in-law about their cordial atmosphere. As the contest approaches, the mother-in-law becomes suspicious of the two’s relationship……

In Seoul, you can catch the musical from June 21st to the 24th at the National Museum in Yongsan. There will be a special Philippine Night attended by Filipino VIPs in Korea including Rep. Jasmine Lee and the Ambassador of the Philippine Embassy (along with his staff) on June 21st at 8 PM. You can get the tickets for the shows in Seoul from Interpark and Clip2U. Multicultural families can get a 50% discount off the admission tickets.
Outside Seoul, you can catch the musical on the following dates:
June 16-18 – Daegu Opera House (Gyeongbuk)
June 12 – Jincheon (Chungbuk)
June 28 – Seokcho Cultural Hall (Gangwon)
July 5 – Icheon Art Hall (Gyeonggi)
July 10 – Hanyang Culture and Art Hall (Gyeongnam)
July 12 – Sacheon Culture and Art Hall (Gyeongnam)
July 17 – Yecheon Culture Hall (Gyeongbuk)
July 20 – Haenam Culture and Art Hall (Jeonnam)
July 24 – Muan SeungDal Culture and Art Hall (Jeonnam)
July 27 – Gapyeong Culture and Art Hall (Gyeonggi)
July 31 – Jeong-eup Art Hall (Jeonbuk)
August 2 – Buyeo National Museum (Chungnam)
August 7 – Gongju Culture and Art Hall (Chungnam)
August 9 – Gokseong Cultural Hall (Jeonnam)
Don’t miss to watch this musical. I’ve heard Cherish sang with only a Magic Sing and she was terrific! If you’re in Seoul, don’t miss the Philippine Night on June 21st! We’ll be there ;p

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