"I love Korea because…" announcement of results

Remember the video contest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? The announcement of the results is supposed to be on June 11th, but due to the overwhelming number of entries they received it will be delayed to July 6th.
Here’s the email I got from their office. Oh I don’t have an entry so I’m not expecting anything, but a few of my friends sent their videos.

The announcement of the results of the video contest “I love Korea, because…” will be delayed
1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea has held a video contest under the title of “I love Korea, because…” and applications have been accepted from March 1st to May 20th. The number of applications exceeds expectations with approximately 1,400 clips participating in the contest. The Ministry would like to express its sincere appreciation to all applicants.
2. Given the great number of applications it will take longer than expected to evaluate the video clips submitted. Therefore, the Ministry hereby informs that the date of the announcement of the results will be delayed from June 11th to July 6th. The Ministry humbly asks your kind understanding in this regard.
3. The Ministry is exerting utmost endeavours to evaluate the video clips with great care and attention and in a fair manner. The Ministry once again expresses its deep gratitude to all participants.

Let’s just wait for just a 28 days more ;p


  1. Hey, was there any announcement of the results already? Did anyone receive an e-mail of results? I’m asking because I completely know nothing about results of the contest. Who’s the winner, who’s the loser?

    1. Good question.
      1. 수상자 (총 140명)
      ㅇ 대상 (1명) : Chie Kamino(일본)
      ㅇ 금상 (3명) : Daniel Alejandro Martinez Larsen(멕시코), Adi Oh(독일), Lina Lucas(포르투갈)
      ㅇ 은상 (4명) : Maria Alejandra Diaz Caldas(콜롬비아), John Christopher P. Bonifacio(필리핀), Taha Saran(터키), Nicholas Kilonzo Muindi(케냐)
      ㅇ 동상 (5명) : Merve TALAY(터키), Kazagashev Oleg(카자흐스탄), Noeum Sokvichhai(캄보디아), Yohanna Olmedo(우루과이), Martha Isabel Barrera Pinilla(칠레)
      ㅇ 우수상 (33명) : Noe Alonzo(미국) 등
      ㅇ 장려상 (94명) : Maria Camerotto(호주) 등

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