100% Galactomyces

100% Galactomyces
Last year, I was able to try SK-II’s flagship product – Facial Treatment Essence – when I bought three copies of a magazine that had 30 ml. bottle of SK II as a freebie. The total that I paid for the magazines is 24,000 won but the value of the freebies is almost 100,000 won.
SK II promises improved skin texture and softness in 14 days. It did do something different to my skin. I would’ve bought a full bottle but I had so many products at home that I need to use.
Fast forward to May 2012. I saw a product on one of the social commerce sites here that contains 100% galactomyces. It is the main ingredient in SK II and Missha’s The First. SK II only have 80% while Missha’s contains 90%. I thought that the 100% galactomyces would do better than SK II’s.
I paid 14,900 won for the 50 ml bottle. I tried it the moment I received it. After a month, I could only say that 100% galactomyces is not for me. It really didn’t do anything different on my skin and I had some rashes while using it, but not serious enough for me to go to a doctor. I’ve seen before and after pictures of others who have used it and they were lucky that the product worked well on them.
Nowadays, other products have been coming out on the market which claim to have 100% galactomyces. I’ve even seen 100% Bifida, which is the same main ingredient of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair.
I think I’m just going to shell out the price for SK II’s FTE. There must be a reason that it only contains 80% galactomyces. It worked well on me.


    1. Hi Leeann! Check any Lotte, Shinsegae or Hyundai Department Stores. Don’t forget to apply for a loyalty card so you can get special items ;p

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