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If you have been a TFC Now subscriber, you know that you can only watch their shows (ABS-CBN) on your computer and only on Windows Media Player. TFC has introduced the TFC.TV, which is an improved version of TFC Now. Unlike the older version, TFC.TV can be accessed through your PC, netbook, tablet or even on your phone.
I registered this morning and got my free 14-day trial. The question is, where do I get the prepaid card to load my credits? There is no information on their website regarding this.

Princess and I via TFC.TV on my Toshiba Thrive

I tried watching “Princess and I” on my Toshiba Thrive and the quality is good although the video is 4:3.
Princess and I via TFC.TV on my Toshiba Thrive hooked to the TV by HDMI

I then hooked up the tablet to our television unit by using HDMI cable (yup, the Toshiba Thrive has an HDMI outlet). Our three-year old flat-screen isn’t “smart” and we’re thinking of getting a “Smart” TV before the year ends, when electronic appliances are cheaper. It will be more convenient to watch TFC.TV by then.
If you want to take advantage of the 14-day free trial, just visit TFC.TV


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  2. How I wish I could go back to TFCnow as the quality of service is much much better than TFC.TV!!!

  3. TFCnow you can only watch in Windows Only. you can watch it from any computer like windows and MAC, laptops,Ipad and smartphones. No buffering. You can socialize with the other TFC users through FB, Twitter, YM and Google

  4. Why are the programs title and time not in order ? Like in the morning Aryana is on after Angelito but not showing in the guide.

    1. Ma’am Marian you can call us at
      Or you can go to our FB account
      we are the official distributor of in South Korea. Or can go to your account and scroll and you will see the Dealers Nearest to your place. Thanks po

  5. Hello, i live in Canada. Last week I bought Samsung Smart TV series 7. Do you think smart tv like this is compatible to watch TFC.TV program? Because it comes to my mind about what my friend told me that tfc is not works with all smart tv. Is it true? Please can I have your opinion. Thanks

  6. Thats too bad. Well, i have to hook up back my laptop to my TV again so I can watch tfc program again. I like Ina Kapatid Anak, tv patrol and so on. Thanks for your good service. Mabuhay!!!

    1. Hi! Mel we have 13,700W for 1 month subscription and 33,700W for 3 months subscription. Ang mapapanood nyo po dito ay lahat po ng shows ng ABS-CBN only. Upon registration sa TFC.Tv you will have 14 days trial free wala po itong bayad after po ng free days you can buy the TFC card. You can watch all the the shows straight without ads and very very clear. Ito po ang FB account namin. just message us if you have more questions.
      Maraming Salamat po!

  7. It sucks TFC don’t air PBA anymore, they are now in 2nd conference but yet no answer weather they’ll ever have PBA back. One time I called regarding this matter and the CSR told me its still under negotiation but when you go to Bro website/FB it reads as though they won’t have it any longer… As a avid fan/follower of Philippine basketball since I was a boy, it really is frustrating not to be able to watch PBA on TFC…I don’t know how negotiations go back home but let’s not put greediness in the mix, oh perhaps it’s on top of all these…..shame shame shame!

  8. Hi Lans just wondering if are compatible with Smart TV now? I know someone had asked this same question. But perhaps it does now? I have a video on demand or the tfc iptv right now but im paying like $4 more, I have the light package… I thing is have accessed to everything including bro and the old teleseryes which on tfciptv/VOD you have to be a premium subscriber to get all of those mentioned and I pay $4 more. As far as picture quality is concern iptv sucks, even when the movie was produced on HD like Galema it still looks like 480i, it’s that bad. When u are watching Showtime, it losses pixels especially on fast moving…u could barely see it versus the it shows it very clear..that’s my thought , hopefully soon it will be compatible with Smart TV if hasn’t already.

  9. Hi. It would be nice if someone from ABSCBN could make an APP for Samsung Smart TV. They have the App for Android Device only, and I think it’s kind of unfair, but maybe they are just too slow creating the App for Smart TV’s. I know a lot of people in Europe who would like it. They have the App on their Android Devices but have stopped using it, because it has become complicated for them and for me of course. Smartphones and Tablets are just too small. Watching on TV … we have to connect our smartphone or tablet to watch on big screen, what also means, it needs a high battery drain. And only for your information … it’s almost 2015!!

    1. I think they have TFC in Europe and if they provide an app for Samsung Smart TV, it wouldn’t be good for their business. What you can do is to get an HDMI connector for your smartphone or tablet (Toshiba Thrive had HDMI outlet in their old tablets) and connect it to your TV.
      I recently renewed my TFC.TV subscription and I only paid 7.99 for 3 months! Yay!

      1. Of course we do have TFC.TV on Android, IOS and PC/Laptop.
        Please read exactly what I wrote!!!! I’ll explain it in a simple way ….
        TV is on and tablet or smartphone is on (connection via wlan or cable/HDMI)
        ——> power usage (doubled) —–> electricity bill (higher than normal)
        ——> for PC or Laptop/Notebook —–> short useful life (if it’s always turned on 24/7)
        In my opinion it would be good for their business, because everyone has to pay for subscription, even for a TFC.TV APP for SmartTV like Samsung, just like the App on Android or IOS. If they create an App for Samsung Smart TV, more Pilipinos would use it and subscribe and ABSCBN would get more profit.

        1. In Japan they have tfc box its a small box that you will connect it to your tv. In S. Korea. Meron na rin po for testing and they are waiting for the license.they are already installed in phil embassy and Resto in Seoul. I don’t k ow po inn Europe. You can send message to kung availa le na po Sa Europe ang tfc box. Thanks

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