Sweet victory for the Korean Olympic soccer team!

We woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning today to catch the soccer match between Korea and Japan for the Olympic bronze medal. The Korean soccer team made history as it is the first time for Korea to enter the finals and actually win a medal for the game. Indeed, it is a sweet victory winning a medal made even sweeter that Korea won it against Japan. Both the Korean and Japanese players literally shed blood and sweat against their favorite opponents ;p

Congratulations Korean soccer team!

The score is 2-0 achieved during the earlier part of the second half of the game. The Japanese team didn’t get their first goal until after 41 minutes into the second half while the Korean goalkeeper was lying down on the ground after being pushed by an opponent. It was a foul 🙂
The two goals came from Park Juyeong and Gu Ja Cheol. I love that first goal of Park Juyeong as he made it against four defenders.
Thank you and congratulations Korean soccer team for this very sweet victory! You made history by giving Korea its first medal in Olympic soccer! Thank you Japan for a great game. You fought hard but there could only be one winner.

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  1. nakakatuwa naman. i am always checking the medal tally and glad to see that s.koreans is in the top 10 for overall medal count as well as in the gold count.
    sayang, wala n nmn nakuha ang Philippines.

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