Kusina: A Filipino Restaurant in Seoul

I love Korean food but there are times when I just want to eat Filipino food. Luckily, Filipino food is a staple whenever I meet with my friends. I have tried eating at Hyewha-dong but it isn’t a place I would bring my husband to. He loves shrimp sinigang!
About a month ago, a Filipina living here in Korea (Mrs. Angelie Sawyer) recommended a newly-opened restaurant in Haebangcheon (Noksapyeong Stn – line 6). The name is “Kusina”, a Filipino restaurant in Seoul. They serve Filipino dishes in a Filipino themed place.

Kusina is located in Haebangcheon in Yongsan-gu

I didn’t have a hard time finding the place. I just got off Noksapyeong station on line 6 and exit at gate 2. I walked for about 350 meters and found the restaurant on the left side of the road at the second floor of a three-story building. The outside is painted white with the name “Kusina” in light blue. The entrance to the restaurant is at the side of the building.
Kusina's interior

When I entered the building, I was greeted warmly by its proprietress. I was their only customer at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a weekday. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with native Filipino ornaments. The menu is inside a “banig” folder. The place mats and seat covers are all of “banig” material as well.
Filipino souvenirs decorate Kusina

All around the restaurant are souvenirs from the Philippines – wooden spoons hanging on the wall, golden jeeps on one table, as well as seashells used as decorations.
Beef kare-kare and rice for 8,900 won

Honestly, I had a hard time ordering. I wanted to try all the food in the menu. A dish includes a serving of rice. I ordered beef kare-kare for 8,900 won plus a glass of mango shake for 3,000 won. Needless to say, I finished everything! That says a lot!
I would bring my husband or my in-laws to the restaurant to try on some Filipino dishes. My father-in-law has been bugging me for years about Filipino food. Before Kusina, there wasn’t a Filipino restaurant decent enough for me to bring my Korean family to.
I’m going back to Kusina one of these days. The place is clean and the interior reminds me of home. The food is tasty and priced just right. Best of all, they accept credit cards ;p
To get there, take the subway to Noksapyeong station on line 6. Exit out of gate 2 and walk straight for about 350 meters. The restaurant would be on the left side. Can’t miss it!
From exit 2 of Noksapyeong station, walk for about 400 meters, Kusina is on the left side.


  1. Nice, is the location easy to find? Been looking for ph restos around Seoul but there’s none except during Sundays at Hyehwa. A big thanks for this info, can’t wait to go there. I just want to ask the detailed address of the resto.

    1. Hi jlee! Yes, it’s easy to find. Just get off at Noksapyeong Stn. at exit 2, then walk for about 350-400 meters. You will see Kusina on the left side of the road.

        1. good thing I didnt push-thru last Monday since it was raining and I’m not feeling well after office. I might visit this weekend instead

  2. wow! someone special i know is craving for Fil foods.. it’s so nice to know that she’s just very near the place… thanks for sharing ate Betchay!

  3. While browsing for beef kare kare recipes i found your website. Its nice to know that my restaurant na ganyan sa korea for filipino na nakakamiss sa lutong pinoy.

  4. Can’t wait to go! There’s a drink I’m looking for and have been craving! I hope they have it!

  5. Thank you, Betchay! I just arrived home after taking my wife and kids to Kusina. The good thing was that we had 4 different dishes…all of them were GREAT! Even my Asawa was impressed. I had the Kare-kare, wife had the Lechon, daughter had the Beefsteak, and little guy had Pancit. Of course, we had to share each other’s dishes! We left very full…and…if you can imagine…the total cost was only W37,000! Definitely wroth the trip there!

  6. Hi! Malapit lang ba tong restaurant na to sa Yongsan, 2 weeks pa lang ako dito. what is the exact address para mabigay ko sa Taxi driver.. Thanks!

  7. the thought of kare kare makes me salivate. i’m glad there’s one decent Pinoy rest. in Korea…I live in California in a neighborhood full of Koreans and have been impressed by their manner of preparing and presenting their food. ( at least, that’s what I see in K dramas, of w/c I’m addicted to)…K cuisine is great but there’s nothing like “lutong Pinoy”…I hope to visit S.Korea soon…I stumbled upon your FB blog a couple days ago and found it to be a great resource.

  8. Hi, gusto ko sana pumunta today para kumain dto. Is it currently operating pa din ba? Hoping for an immediate reply .

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