No Japs Allowed!

I am not sure if I could watch the 23rd episode of the Korean drama “Bridal Mask” tonight. I couldn’t even watch the last few minutes of episode 22 last week. What would happen tonight? I think I will hold off watching the drama until the final episode is shown. The excitement is too much for me.
Bridal Mask is set in the Japanese colonial period in the 1930s. Incidentally, about two days ago I saw a post on a Korean portal site. Apparently, a PC bang owner posted a sign outside his shop prohibiting any Japanese inside.

No Japs Allowed
No Japs Allowed

The top Korean title reads exactly as the English translation. The third line reads “Our PC bang does not receive (welcome) Japanese people”. To enter, one must shout “Dokdo is Korean land” three times.
I think this is very discriminatory, but I somehow understand the sentiment of the Korean owner of the PC bang. Still, hating people is not right. I also feel anger whenever I hear unpleasant news about the Spratly Islands.


  1. bigla ako nacurious sa dokdo. matagal ko na itong naririnig pero now ko lng nalaman na merong “sumthing” din pala yun kagaya ng spratly. tsk tsk..

  2. OMG! I would never go to a PC Bang like this. I am glad that the owner posted this so people who are not into this kind of stuffs would be warned.

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