The new credit card SMS report in Korea

When using a credit card in Korea, the sellers don’t usually ask for an identification. This is different from my experience in using a card in the Philippines or in the USA. In my nine years here, I haven’t been asked for a single ID even when I was using my husband’s credit card during my first few months in Korea.
I will be very insulted if someone would ask me for an ID for using a card here, even if I know that it’s only for security reasons. When I applied for my first credit card in 2004, I subscribed to the bank’s SMS service. After every transaction, I receive a message on my cellphone about my purchase. Of course, the purpose is to prevent fraud.

SMS received after using a credit card

The SMS contains information on the name and branch of the store and how much I purchased. It also includes the running balance of my credit card and the date and time the purchase was made. So far, I haven’t received any message of a purchase I didn’t make. Before last week, the running balance on the SMS was not included.


  1. I think that this type of service indeed is very efficient especially since you can track the purchases made by your credit card. I wish they’d adopt that type of system in the PH too…

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