Tagalog for Koreans

Philippine Tourism in Korea has been posting videos about learning Tagalog in Korean. Perhaps, those who are married to Koreans would like to introduce the videos to their spouses who might be willing to learn a word, a phrase or even a sentence in our native language.
I have been teaching my son “Tagalog” for weeks now and so far he has learned to say “Nanay, tatae ako” or “Mom, I’m going to poop.” Hehehe… Anyway, at least he’s interested to know another language. A Korean has to learn at least three languages or writing system when they start school: Hangeul, English and Hanja or Chinese characters. So far, my son can read level 8 Hanja, a few words in English and of course, Hangeul.
Here’s a sample video of “Tagalog for Koreans”

Visit Philippine Tourism’s Facebook page for more ;p


  1. ang kulet! ate bat yon naman agad tinuro mo? hehehe i don’t teach sooah tagalog yet, but i used to say MAHAL KITA to her when she was younger so she knows that~ and then i taught her PANGET! kkkkk that’s all! :p

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