South Korean noodles made by Nongshim

More than a week ago, it was reported by the media that a few South Korean noodles contain the carcinogen “benzopyrene”. All the six brands of noodles are produced by Nongshim. These are:

Noodles that contain benzopyrene

– Neo-gu-ri mild noodles
– Neo-gu-ri spicy noodles
– Neo-gu-ri cup noodles
– Neo-gu-ri big bowl noodles
– Saeng-saeng udong
– Sae-u tang
Nongshim voluntarily recalled their products in South Korea. The countries where these noodles are exported to, like Taiwan and the Philippines, also banned the noodles. However, Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) announced later that the amount of benzopyrene in the noodles are harmless and not enough to cause cancer. They also said that grilled meat (like samgyeopsal) contains more benzopyrene than the noodles themselves.
Last week, the Food and Drug Administration in Taiwan declared that the noodles are safe. Despite the recent findings of the authorities, other countries like Vietnam and China still banned the product.
“Ramyeon” or instant noodles aren’t really healthy food, so have it only occasionally.


  1. banned ang noodles dito sa house ate.. kaso paborito ni MIL yung neoguri.. and when she visits, laging may dalang 1 pack… or pag kami dadalaw don, sya pa nagtatanong kay alex kung gusto daw nya ng ramyeon.. ayagu!!!

    1. I like Nongshim’s noodles too but the sodium content is too high for me so I could only have ramyeon occasionally.

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