I'll Take Care of You

I remember one late spring afternoon in 2011, my son was playing with other kids at the playground in front of his daycare center (Jongro Adong Hoegwan). It was late and I told him that we should go home because it was getting colder and we might catch a cold. He insisted he’s going to be fine, so I said I might get sick. I remember saying “If I get sick, who’s going to take care of you? Shall I send you to ‘halmoni’ in Jecheon?”. He replied, “No mommy, I’ll take care of you”. That was one of the sweetest things I’ve heard from him.
One Saturday night, October 13th, as I was arranging the sheet for our bed, I had an accident. I tripped and fell on the floor. I had a bump on my head and I injured my left ring finger. I also couldn’t move my left arm. My son, who was watching TV at that time, heard the noise and went inside the room. He asked if I was okay. I was in shock as it has been a long time since I fell or tripped. My son may be small but he helped me lay down on the bed. He saw the bump on my head and without me asking him, he went out and got a bottle of water. He put the bottle on my forehead. He got a pillow and put it under my head. He went out again and got on the phone, trying to call my husband. When my husband wouldn’t answer, as he forgot to bring his phone, my son asked if he should call 119, which is the ambulance. I said no and I told him that I was okay. He just sat beside me and held the bottle on my forehead.
That time I remembered what my son told me more than a year ago. He did take care of me when I got sick ;p
It’s been more than a month and I’ve been to the doctor twice but my elbow still hurt a bit. Thankfully, I didn’t break any bone.

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