Star1: Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho on the cover of Star1

I rarely buy Korean magazines. On the few occasions that I would spend money on them, there always have to be a good reason. Most of the time, I buy magazines when the freebies are worth more than the magazine itself. Like the one time I bought three copies of a magazine because of the SK II treatment essence freebie ;p
Anyway, I bought a copy of Star1 on my way home from work when I saw that Lee Min Ho (aka Lee Min Hot) is on their cover. It’s only 2,000 won or about 75 pesos and I would say it was worth it.
When I attended Lee Min Ho’s fan meeting two years ago, I wasn’t actually a fan. I started liking him just a year ago. As with my other favorites, I don’t spend money buying souvenirs and stuff. I also don’t spend time looking for news. I’m pretty contented seeing them on free TV.
Like I said earlier, the Star1 magazine is worth the 2,000 won I paid for it. There are 18 pages inside featuring just Lee Min Ho. Including the cover, that’s a total of 19 pages. If you’re a fan of B1A4, there are two three pages about them too.
Here are photos I took of the magazine:


  1. waaaaaa!! sooo cute! pede po ba magpabili nian? haha! galing cia dito sa manila. grabe! para talaga ciang anghel ♥ hindi naman po nagrerelease ng star1 dito sa pinas eh. huhu

  2. Gud morning po.san po b nkkbli nang mga hallyu cd,posters,magazine,albums,souvnir,etc? Im here in korea, there any site u could recommend?thanks po.hope u can reply me soon.

  3. Annyeong ate Betchay,,im reading your posts before po,once in awhile pag may time ako from my busy sched from school,,hihi,,but i loose track,and now i found you again,,i love reading your posts and updates,cause its very informative and i love koreans din po kasi,,i am a korean drama addict and a kpop fan as well…mostly Historical drama or Sageuk dramas and SUJU to be exact…anyways,,i just bought star1 mag,and it cost me 250 pesos,,but almost 80 pesos lang po pala sya,maybe included na rin ung sf po,but medyo pricy na sya.. 🙁

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