"Star1: Lee Min Ho" blog giveaway

I haven’t had a giveaway for quite a long time. Since Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been receiving inquiries about the Star1 featuring Lee Min Ho, let me have a blog giveaway with this.
This is open only to fans of Lee Min Ho ;p

Lee Min Ho on the cover of Star1

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The blog giveaway will run for a week, from November 26th 12:00 AM to December 2nd at 11:59 PM on Korean Time. The condition is that there should be a minimum of 100 comments (duplicate IPs not allowed) on why you like Lee Min Ho. I will be giving away five copies of the Star1. Open worldwide. If the comments totaled less than 100 by the end of the week, only one copy will be given away. Ready? Post now why you like Lee Min Ho.
Disclaimer: I’m in no way connected with Lee Min Ho, his fan club, his management, and of course, his family. Oh well, I wish I were.
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  1. Hi, I love Min Ho for so many reasons.First, he has the perfect smile, body, lips, nose, I think everything is perfect. Every woman wants a LMH in their lives. Haha. Second, he stays humble and sweet, It is very obvious that he gives important to us Minoz right? He loves her family especially her mother, that’s why I like LMH. And yet with his fame and popularity all over the globe, he never changed. Eventhough I dont know him personally, I would say that LMH is just being real. Lastly, I like him because he believes on his skills, acting skills and very confident. That’s good right? In addition, LMH is such a good actor, Action , comedy, even lovestory. I loved him coz he’s dedicated to his work, and he never wants to disappoint his fans. Doing hes best, not just for money or for fame, but for his own contentment and happiness 🙂

  2. After seeing him last Nov 16 & 18, all i can say is HE IS PERFECT NOT ONLY OUTSIDE BUT ALSO INSIDE!! No comment about his looks bcoz he is perfectly handsome!! But seeing the way he interacts with his fans, i was so surprised!! The reason why I became a fan of SUPER JUNIOR is bcoz of how they show their love for their fans!! And now I am a super duper fan of Min Ho bcoz he just the same with them!! It is very rare to see celebrities, as in BIG celebrities, who deeply appreciate & love their fans!! So from that day on i officially became a MINOZ & i am proud of it!! 😀

  3. I like Lee Min Ho since Boys Over Flowers’ syndrome on 2009. At the very first appearance of Goo Jun Pyo in the drama, I can really tell that I felt in love with him at the first sight. I like him so much because of those perfect tantalizing eyes, pointed nose line, heart-melting smile and of course, tall and sexy body. In addition to that, I liked him even more because of his exceptional acting skills that can really make you feel the happiness, sadness or anger that he is portraying. But above all, his kind-heartedness. I can prove it when he came here last week, he was so worried on his fans and he’s doing a lot of fan service. All of these characteristics of him is worth my 12 hours of wait in Mall of Asia just to have a glimpse of him.

  4. I started liking Lee Min Ho when I watched Personal Taste (Perfect Match). I love him because he’s a good actor. By watching his drama series you can tell that he gets better and better. I’ve watched hundreds of videos about him on Youtube but there’s one video that made me admire him more. In the said video, you’ll see him shooting a scene from Boys Over Flowers wherein he was supposed to fall over a swimming pool and Geum Jandi will save him. His body was shaking because of the cold weather and because he had to fall over the pool a couple of times. The crew had to pour warm water over him after every take but he did the scene without any complain and always had a smile on his face. I love him because he is always grateful to his fans, us, Minoz. It’s very evident in his interviews especially the one he did with Toni Gonzaga when he went here in the Philippines for the Benchsetter Fun Meet. He also did one thing that I can never forget. After the Mall Tour, me and my sister went to the hotel where he was staying hoping we can give him our gifts. We waited at the lounge area. When he and his entourage walked passed us, I called his name and he turned around, took a few steps back, smiled and reached for our gifts! Our more than 12 hours of waiting paid off! I think he’s a very good person that’s why I like him so much! Plus he’s so good looking without trying and he looks good at almost everything he wears! So I’m really hoping I can get the Star1 magazine! I want it badly! Thanks in advance! ^___^
    Here is the link of the video I’m referring to above.

  5. I have first seen Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers. I liked him but I was not a total fan. I became a fan after watching Personal Taste because it showed how good he looks and his acting is really up there. After City Hunter and Faith, I fell even more in love with him because of his acting skills. I saw him during his fan meet here in Manila last November 16 (I spent my birthday there) and I really love him more because he is such a gentleman and good natured. I really believe he is the most handsome, not narcissistic and gentleman actor I’ve seen. Love him 🙂

  6. First of all I got attracted to Lee Min Ho because of his looks. It would be hypocrite of me if I didn’t admit that. Then, he has the charisma. Charisma that rare people got. Once you look at him, you know that there is something in him. Next, his attitude. He looks very kind. He was down to earth eventhough he is a SUPERstar. He loves his fans very much. I can prove that. He was childish. He also loves pouting, lip biting and touching his ear/ his hair and that makes him cool. He has something, that I can’t tell that makes him STAND OUT over the other actors. Err. He was very charming. He was good in acting also. He always got the attenttion of everyone even oldies. Well, that’s all I can say. :))

  7. Why I love Lee Min Ho? I wouldn’t sacrifice myself to stand for 9 to 10 hrs just to see him personally. I wouldn’t trade the date when he came here in the Philippines in Araneta. Sad to say, i didn’t see him on his mall tour. But the memories he made to his fans and sweet gestures he has done was overwhelming. Until now, i am still smiling whenever I remember how he reacts and how he looks. 🙂 The first time I watched Boys over flowers, he was stunning, maybe because he was the lead actor but once you get to know his soft side, he was different. And you will totally love his character. And from that moment on, I started to watch his korean dramas even before he was popularized as Gu Jun Pyo. Now I’m watching Faith, because he was there and I was curious because that is his first time doing historical drama.

  8. First, I like him because of his looks. it would be hypocrite of me if I don’n admit it. He is cute… really really cute. He has a very cute dimple and a very beautifu smile that would make every girl scream and fall in love with him. He also have a two beautiful pair of eyes that when he looks at you, feels like you will going to melt down. Indeed, an almost perfect creature. Inspite of having good looks he is also kind. He is very down to earth inspite of him being a SUPERstar. He is also concern with his fans safety during his tours. I also like or should I say I love his mannerisms like pouting his lips, lip biting, and touching his ear/hair that makes him look like childish and cool, where I find it unique, cause not all people does like him, cause they think it’s uncool! I like him because is so charsmatic, but a different one. A charisma that once you laid your eyes upon him, it’s like that it’s so hard to take it off of him. A charisma that even the ‘OLDIES’ love him. A charisma that I can’t figure out. Hmmm.

  9. I love Lee Min Ho since Boys Over Flower, the stuborn, chickboy look, yet cool image. Then, the Perfect Match, prentending that his a Gay.But City Hunter is somewhat unique. Why? LMH and his role in City Hunter have similarities. The looks, I mean, the outfits, the smile, and the ‘karisma’ is there! After seeing him twice here in the Philippines, I thought I saw a male version of Barbie.Haha. Perfect Guy, but i know his not perfect, but i love his imperfections. That’s it. I love LMH,coz he always wanted to make his fans happy, a down to earth guy, a guy who loves his family, who uses his popularity in good ways, a confident, lovely man, soccer player turns into an actor. I love everything about him, even the negative one (if ever meron) That’s why Im a true Minoz, 🙂

  10. Why i love Lee Min Ho? Actually i was not a fan of K-dramas until i watched BOF way back 2009. After that series I was charmed by Min Ho ssi that i searched for his background and all about him in the net. When i saw the BTS(behind the scene shots) of BOF that’s where i came to know that he’s such a simple and humble person in spite of his superstar status. Since then, i’ve followed his drama series from BOF to Faith and everything about him. As soon as i’ve learned that he’s coming to Manila for the Bench promo tour event, i prayed that he’ll have a mall tour. And when i learned that he’s scheduled to appear at the Glorietta Mall, i wasted no time just to be there. To my surprise when I arrived at the mall, so many people where there even hours before us. And when LMH oppa arrived, he immediately apologized to all the waiting fans even if it wasn’t his fault. That’s how concerned he was and i can feel his sincerity. After City Hunter and Faith, he’s becoming such a good action star and i liked him more for that. His singing and dancing skills were just average but his acting skills and overall personality would be very much enough to make him one of Korea’s great Hallyu star. I hope I could get the Star1 mag so that i could always see Min Ho oppa even if we’re miles away from Seoul.

  11. There’s something really humbling about a man who travels around the world but still prefers to come home to his Mom’s cooking – it just pulls at your heartstrings doesn’t it? I love Lee Min Ho because he was my inspiration to go to South Korea as a birthday present to myself, we are both Cancerians and my birthday is just a day after his, he made Hangul the language of love for me hence I’m now on my intermediate level 2 and he is such a talented actor who can convey his characters feelings through the screen and into your heart. Though he looks serious, there is the fun, carefree and almost child-like quality about him that comes through whilst watching the BTS for his various projects, be it CFs, Kdramas, phootshoots that I just adore. I love that he wants to better and challenge himself with every project he undertakes and it shows! Every drama he’s been in is different and as a fan, you appreciate his work and growth as an actor. I love how he’s such a gentleman, making his costars comfortable around him, being respectful to his elders and seeing first hand how concerned he was for his fans at the Bench Fun Meet just about melted my heart (I was one of the hundreds at the Front Stage). I love that he’s a dog lover as I am too. Obviously there is the looks factor, when he flashes those killer watt smiles accompanied by those dimples, proof that dimples are NOT anomalies! Those pouts, those eyes and the fact that he makes skinny jeans look good! Most of all I love Lee Min Ho because he made almost a month of working on 24hr around the clock project bearable…knowing I was going to fly to Philippines to see him at the Bench Fun Meet and see him up close – he really was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

  12. I’ve liked Lee Min Ho since he played the role of Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers…I’ve watched his other dramas, Perfect Match and City Hunter and I’d say he’s a very good actor… He recently came here in the Philippines and I loved him even more… I love his humility, genuine kindness and sincerity towards us fans. He always has a smile for everyone and seems to be a very carefree person. He enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having him here… All the queuing as early as 4am, the fatigue, the struggle among the sea of LMH fans in front of the stage in Araneta was well worth it… Aside from being undoubtedly handsome, Min Ho knows how to return the love of his fans. He works hard to perfect his craft, and always makes sure he gives his best always. He’s always nice to us and never complains. He just enjoys everything he does with us, whether it’s a simple eye staring game or a photo op. His charm and sincerity is beyond words to describe. And I’m definitely looking forward to more Lee Min Ho encounters in the future. 🙂

  13. I like him since 2009, that was when his drama Boys Over Flowers was shown here in the Philippines. I fell in love with him while watching the entire drama and after that, I began stalking him(on the net). I have been up-to-date with his activities in public, what drama is he doing next, what CF he’s been doing..everything. I like him because his handsome..no BUTs no IFs.. =)

  14. Aside from his killer looks and topnotch acting skills, one of the best things I love and rave about Lee Min Ho is how he shows his appreciation and concern to his fans. Despite his busy schedule, he really takes time to update his social networking sites like Twitter, LINE, Facebook, weibo, etc. to let his fans know how he’s doing and ask them how they’re doing.
    During the Bench fun meet, a lot of Minoz near the stage were pushing and shoving each other, he was being interviewed by Sam Oh then but he paused the interview for a few minutes just to ask how his fans were doing and had Sam translate that fans should prioritize their safety and that he does not want anyone getting hurt. It also meant a lot that he kept his word of having ‘adobo’ for dinner after he promised to his PH Minoz that he’ll eat whatever we’ll recommend as the best Filipino dish.
    A perfect gentle man who stays true to his words, a man with an angelic smile and a very warm and charming personality. Lee Min Ho is the total and one and only Asian Prince. <3

  15. I don’t even know what to say, He just making me go crazy. The first movie of yours i watched was ”boys over flower” omg, it was really awesome and cool. I like Lee Min Ho Ssi so much!.. Seeing him upclose @Fun Meet and autograph signing…he is really gorgeous and have killer smile! .. i watched all his movies and TV Series… I love him more in “Faith”. I really hope that he’ll come back soon again here in PH… More power…May GOD continue to bless you. LEE MIN HO <3

  16. Hello! 🙂 In a very straightforward way, I love Lee Min Ho-ssi because of who he is as a person. Everything from the specificity of his character, personality, appeal and appearance to the general likes of him. I admit, I may not say this at the beginning when I first saw him in Boys Over Flowers because frankly his looks is really the wow factor that appeals to me. But overtime, I begin to notice my obsession and more of my self-proclaimed husband lines were overwhelming. I couldn’t really describe how crazy I am to support a celebrity like him, he draws me to him and because of Him I allowed myself to join the Korean Pop/Drama Universe. The more time has passed, the more works he has done that I have supported, the more I became curious about the things that ticks him, and all the facts about him that are within reach. He makes the word “perfection” such an understatement (Yes, this is agreeable :D) But I’ve come to realize that he’s not beyond perfect and there may be traits that we may not want because he’s also a human who also have flaws just like us. Being a Minoz, I embrace everything about him not just his looks and will always give him respect him because he deserves it. His sincerity, love for his fans and that killer-smile will always shoot me in my heart and will Lee Min Ho-ssi will remain likable to me for the rest of my life 🙂 Really hope I could win this, thank you very much! 🙂

  17. Why I like Lee Min Ho? Because he is a TOTAL PACKAGE! From his handsome looks, bright smile, great body, cool personality and especially his brilliant and awesome acting. He almost excel in everything! 🙂

  18. I have to admit, I wasn’t really a fan of Lee Minho at first. Although he looked dashing to me in Boys Over Flowers, I wasn’t that impressed with his acting skills. While watching that drama, I always felt like there was something missing with him playing Go Junpyo. But as he starred in several other Kdrama productions, he has improved a lot from his Go Junpyo days. From playing a straight guy pretending to be gay to a man who is out for revenge, Lee Minho has proven his versatility as an actor. City Hunter was that pivotal drama that made me jump to Lee Minho’s ship and is by far my favorite Lee Minho drama. He was so charismatic there that I realized why girls swooned over him. From that time I became one of those girls!! I am actually very impressed at how he brings life to characters.. And I like him because of that. And I won’t deny that his dashing manly good looks are the icing on the cake! ^_^

  19. Why I like Lee Min Ho? Since it is very difficult to explain someone’s feelings into words, I try to explain what I feel in just a few words. I first saw Minho in Boys Over Flowers as JunPyo, I loved her character just by seeing his spectacular physical and Perfect face, but that was only physical attraction, as the drama progressed, I realized I was really obsessed with character and the actor. That’s when I started to find out about Lee Min Ho and his career, saw all his plays, and finished obsessed and in love of handsome, simple, friendly and warm Lee Min Ho. He has a beautiful personality, is humble, has a physical and a perfect face, is a great professional, the best actor in South Korea, is a perfect and complete man. I’m just another girl who fell surrendered at the feet of this man, who is now a very special person in my life is unconditional even for me.
    I hope I have been able to explain some of what I feel for this great man, Lee Minho.
    I am a proud and forever Minoz. ^^

  20. Hola, me encanta Lee, por que es buen actor, es lindo, es sus personajes sabe darle un toque especial, esa tosquedad, mezclada con la preocupación constante y amor que demuestra a sus parejas de doramas me mata, sus personajes son tan bien actuados, él me mata, he visto boys over flowers 7 veces, personal taste 3 veces city hunter 2 veces y ahora estoy viendo Faith por segunda vez, ahhhhhhhh, me encanta. Su sencillez salta a la vista, siempre practicando durante los descansos en las grabaciones, la buena onda que tiene con los demás actores, me fascina

  21. I met good lee minho oppa .. when I recommended (boy over flowers). From there I went with her charm when curly hair looked so beautiful and different that I started to look for more information on the .. in all that I read I saw that he is very quiet .. simple. honest and loves her fans (Minoz) then I read that he had been through a lot .. I rejected in auditions but never gave up and fought for what he loved .. I loved what he said in an interview that by the example of her mother never gave her gave her strength and telling him to never give up .. is really amazing because with all the fame that has remained the same simple, humble guy who has always been a big heart and has since participated in many campaigns to help those in need .. I have to confess I never belonged to a group of fans of celebrities .. lee minho but I fall in all its aspects. I thank God that I got to know and ask Him to watch over and bless you always. well this is my story because I love both Lee Minho. Minoz fighting 🙂

  22. He got everything..As in everything you are looking for a guy! He inspires me everyday to make me study harder and excel in school and keeps me smile whenever I’m sad and he is a god’s gift for all of us KPOPholics.. Long live MINOZ..

  23. and I’m still here trying to write in English and Spanish, I love this man, I wake up thinking about him, I go to bed with the image of him in my head all night, I write on twitter, and Weibo with the hope that someday I read and respond my messages.There are days when everything is sad for me and just to see your photograph smiling already lights up my day and you ask me because I like?I like because he has everything I want in a man!

  24. Me encanta Lee Min Ho desde que vi Boys Over Flowers!! me enamore de ese personaje entre romántico y arrogante…. después vi Personal Taste y termine como una adicta a Lee Min Ho.. fue tanto lo que me atrajo su manera de actuar que comencé a buscar mas de sus series y di con Cuty Hunter, creo que fue Maratonica la manera en que la vi solo en 2 días, termine con jaqueca y el compu ultra caliente!!! Me gustan los doramas por que son menos insinuantes que las teleseries que acostumbramos a ver en Chile al estilo Mexicano o Venezolano….
    Lejos lo que mas me gusta de él es que demuestra ser una persona muy sencilla, esforzado en su trabajo y muy preocupado de la imagen que proyecta a sus fans..espero algún día pueda venir a Latinoamerica en especial a Chile!!
    Recuerdo que cuando termine de ver BOF termine con una angustia tan grande, solo sentía ganas de llorar y la necesidad de ver pronto otro dorama de Lee Min Ho!!..
    I love Lee Min Ho from Boys Over Flowers I saw! I fell in love with that character between romantic and arrogant …. then I saw Personal Taste and finish as addicted to Lee Min Ho .. was what attracted me so much how they act I started looking over your sets and di with Cuty Hunter marathon I think it was the way I saw only two days, finished with migraine and compu ultra hot! I like dramas that are less teleseries insinuating that we usually see in Chile Mexican or Venezuelan style ….
    Far what I like about him is that he proves to be a very simple person, worked in his work and very concerned about the image they project to their fans .. I hope one day I can come to Latin America especially Chile!
    I remember that when I watch BOF finished with great distress, just felt like the need to mourn and soon see another drama of Lee Min Ho! ..


  26. yo ame a lee minho desde el primer día que lo vi , admito que en su personaje de boys over flowers me cautivo totalmente , tanto asi que desde ese día no pare de ver cada publicación cada foto cada entrevista en fin todo lo relacionado con el , mas allá de su imagen física a demostrado ser un hombre humilde, talentoso , solidario cercano con sus fans y por sobre todo muy profesional a la hora de realizar cualquier trabajo o desafió en su carrera es agradable ver su sonrisa y sobre todos sus dramas (boys over flowers , personal taste , city hunter , faith …..)que para nosotras las minoz es un premio cada día poder disfrutar con una parte de el y poder tener un pedacito de este hombre tan cautivante y especial

  27. I like Lee Min Ho for a number of reasons. First his physical attributes. Who cannot like a beautiful man? His eyes are expressive, his smile makes girls melt and who can forget his heart shaped lips — they are just adorable. His talent would be the second reason. He can portray a number of roles. An overly rich lad (BOF), a professional architect (Personal Taste), an assassin with a past (City Hunter), and a warrior (Faith). He never failed to amaze viewers and make them follow through his dramas. I went to his event in Manila and I cannot put up a value on how good he looks in person. He’s incomprehensibly gorgeous. And I guess I can only sum up the tangible qualities that I like about him but I really can’t put into words why I like Lee Min Ho. Never fails to brighten my day with his lady-killer-smile. 🙂

  28. I met Lee Min Ho in Boys Before Flower at first seemed very nice but as the drama proceeded to its charm cai rendidamente first and foremost I love his physique. tall handsome guy and his dress, his voice fascinated me but not only has that quality, he is very talented so I decided to follow in his footsteps in acting, saw its first projects and the most modern and personnel taste and City Hunter waoo here checked his acting ability has been growing and growing ever improves with every role, it gives every and each makes it spectacular is not just a pretty boy or a pretty face is a pro for his performance shows in Faith was very spectacular, but I can say that I admire this child from BBF from there I am one of your fan and a proud Minoz never been disappointed none of his project and I followed all of it and is a very warm and humble, so simple and I admire every day definitely love

  29. lee min ho me encanto desde que vi boys over flower, y aunque no lo conozca me gusta la forma en que se muestra ante un publico, es un excelente actor y además los gestos en las facciones de su cara son geniales.Me encanta ver su progreso actoral en los diferentes doramas que a participado y las buenas criticas que recibe demuestra que es un actor fenomenal … sinceramente me encanta todo de el …oppa saranghae

  30. I love him because of his disarming looks and boyish charm. He’s like a prince that every girl would like to have. The lucky girl he’ll marry would definitely be envied by many ladies.

  31. Lee Min Ho is a good actor, blessed with good looks and he has such a wonderful personality… I like him since BOF… I am happy that I attended his fan meeting last nov.16 in Araneta Col. and I felt his sincerity towards his Filipino fans… kahit napagod ako
    (standing ng mahabang oras and dahil siksikan at tulakan sa area namin) at napaos kakatili nung fan meet na yon, its ok kasi si LMH nanjan lang few steps away from me – swerte lang dahil super malapit kami sa stage hehehe!… pumila din ng maaga para lang kay LMH… first time ko gawin sa isang Korean superstar hehehe! makita si LMH is one of the most memorable experience for me this year and I will not forget that one night that LMH made us (his fans) truly happy…

  32. hola a mi me gusto como trabajo en boys over flowers el primer dorama que se transmite en mega ya que fue un éxito total me encanto este drama cuando vi la risa de lee min ho me gusto mucho aunque al principio no me gusto como era pero después de que conoció a geum jan di cambio total no solamente el si no también los otros aparte de que el es lindo muy lindo y guapo no se compara con nadie el es el único me gusto los doramas de el personal taste, faith y city hunter donde el trabaja muy profesionalmente ya que su fans lo siguen por su trabajo y como el es no obstante que seguirá trabajando como siempre lo hace me gusta como trabaja lo da todo profesionalmente me encanto el beso de personal taste del episodio 10 el primer beso que veo de el tan apasionadamente a quien no le gustaría ese beso aunque me gustaría que se repitiera en otro drama así de apasionadamente

  33. Many stars were blessed with beautiful faces but only few has beautiful heart. And Minho has both a pretty face and a pretty heart. Not known to public, Ive learned from a friend who works for KBS that Lee Min Ho is a member of World Vision Korea and currently supports living and studies of 9 kids. Isnt that a wonderful trait to love? That he is blessed because he is also a blessing to others? That he is inspired because he himself is an inspiration to people? And he is continually loved because he loves and values the talent given to him.

  34. I have watched all of his previous dramas but never really took him seriously. Not until I began watching Faith. I could feel his emotions through his eyes. I could feel the pain and emptiness he was portraying. He made me believe that he was Choi Young. He brought a historical character to life.
    It is true he amazingly handsome but his perception on life itself has captured me. People say it is more important to find beauty from within. Lee Min Ho represents it. Behind all the popularity and recognition he is getting worldwide, he is still able to keep himself grounded. I love him for his humbleness, sweetness, kindness and gentleness. Through all this, he has found a new convert in me.

  35. he’s very good looking! and his smile makes every fan girl fall for him! he’s really very charming in person and most of all, he just loves his fans -i witnessed that first hand 2 wks ago when i attended his bench fanmeet here in the phils ^^

  36. I like Lee Minho because he is one great actor not to mention his breathtaking good looks and very pleasing personality. A complete package, what more can a girl ask for?

  37. I love Lee Min Ho because whenever i watch him i feel as if all my worries go away and i become all giddy like im a teenager once again. He’s helped me get away from all the stresses of my life like being so far away from my family (husband and child) to working long hours, seven days a week. I have heard of the BOF series a few years back but i never paid attention for one i thought im not supposed to be watching teeny-bopper stuff anymore. Out of boredom and the lack of stuff to do and read i came across BOF online one day off work. So i began to watch the first episode which led me to watch the next until i finished the entire series in just over a day. After that i got hooked on Korean series/movies especially his series and even started learning Korean! I have watched and re-watched his series and whatever youtube has of him and i still can’t get enough. I have bought stuff here with his picture on like shower cream and other beauty products. i dont even use them but i just wanna have them. My husband just finds it funny and cute that im like this at my age. He just recently been to the Philippines for Bench, ill make sure to have whatever it is with him on…so yeah i guess i really like him and i am proud because as an actor he really has something to offer. Kudos to you Lee Min Ho! ^^

  38. I still remember the day when I saw Lee Min Ho for the first time. It was a boring day looking for something good to watch in my T.V. Then I saw a Korean Drama (I always love Asian Culture) So, I started to watch the drama called Boys Over Flowers(2010) and I said to myself,”I already watched three awesome Korean drama. I will watch this one too, I hope it will be a good drama. It was episode 2 when Geum Jan Di hit Goo Jun Pyo with her feet hahah It was so funny. I can say that my first impression of him it wasn’t so good, he was so bad and arrogant because of his character of Goo Jun Pyo, but then everything change beacuse of his beautiful smile. I wanted it to know more about him the Korean actor Lee Min ho, I searched more information about him and I saw two more recently dramas Personal taste and City Hunter. Wowww I love personal taste and City Hunter. He is growing as awesome actor. I became a Minoz since I saw the evolution of his characters. I think like the others Minoz, I watched thousand videos of him, behind the scenes of his dramas, comercials, interviews, etc. It was my first Korean historic drama “Faith” that I saw and the first that I saw it when is in alive. I love him because he’s a great actor and beside that he’s a wonderful person, kind, original, unique, humble, By watching him how is growing I can say that he gets better and better only seeing “Faith”wowww. I love him more because he is always grateful to his fans, He called all his Minoz “Guardian Angels” and he does the best of the best for all us. he’s a person who I can admire forever and always I’ll be grateful for it because He is so cute for be the wonderful person that is inside beside the handsome boy that is outside. He looks good at almost everything he wears! So I hope to get the Star1 magazine! Thanks you!

  39. Lee Min Ho is one of the rare actors that I admire. Although I’m a wife and a mother of two kids, he has a broad appeal to all ages despite of the status. I have seen all his dramas and he improves a lot and becomes an excellent actor. He is a total package with good looks, talent, martial arts skills, lovely voice and a good sense of fashion. He is very charismatic and appealing because of his sweet smile, child like attitude yet matured in the way he answers questions during interviews. He seem to be close to his family and home, as well as grateful to his fans. I just wish that he finds true joy by knowing the Lord in a deeper way.

  40. HI.. For me it is just “ONE WORD” to describe LEE MIN HO he is “PERFECT” .. I like him so much like his face,eyes,his height,being a smart guy,kind,evrything about him, I know even if i didnt met him yet i know he was a GOOD guy, Ever since i watched him in “boy’s over flower” i begin to idolized him coz he was very CHARMING,so LOVABLE and evry girl dat will see him will like,love and admire him so much. Im happy because i saw him last nov.16 and this date was very memorable to me coz ive given the chance to see him even if im so far buts its ok coz evrything was worth it,, not only me became the happiest person that day because thousands of his FILIPINO fans wait and wanted to see him.. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH because he inspired me and become addicted to him,his my happiness.. Words cannot describe how much he INSPIRES millions of people in the world. I/WE love LEE MIN HO because he is so “PERFECT”….

  41. One of the very reasons why I like Lee Minho is that he isn’t your average good-looking male actor. He’s very versatile when it comes to acting, he can take up a lot of different kinds of roles and be excellent with them, and even his looks are quite exotic as well 😉 He seems like such a gentleman too and really treats his fans well. Most of all, even with his ever-rising popularity, he remains to be that down-to-earth but charismatic kid that we first met back in the Boys Before Flowers days. His career is one of the very few that I cannot help but follow because he surely has a lot to show.

  42. I LOVE LEE MIN HO! coz for me he is the man! I liked him because of his Boys Over Flowers because I believe in “Love at first sight!” hehe^^ followed by his Perfect Match! he hooked me again and love him more and his City Hunter and Faith/Great Doctor makes me love him more and more because of his acting skills are all AWESOME! or beyond description!! his acting skills never lose his poise! and he is sooooo charming, lovable, his kissable lips!, his SEXY NOSE!!!, he’s a family centered and a dog lover like me! his vitaMINHO’s make my heart get into normal to a better beat! and when I see him~ my wall photos, when i’m angry and not in the mood, seeing him decreases my bad mood! because of his killer smile and dimple! our Min Ho is really warm that’s why I super like him~ and his dorkyness behind the scenes of his dramas is sooo cute! he is inspiring and has a beautiful heart! and especially, I sooo sooo much LIKE him because he is nice! coz for me he has the B E S T FAN SERVICE evvverr!!!

  43. i love Lee Min Ho because he’s my everything. i love him not because of his looks but because of his character. he’s a gentleman,kind hearted and he’s an inspiration for me. i wanna marry him also. 하하하 i love him so much!

  44. why i love LEE MIN HO? for whatever reason, who doesn’t? ;P personally fall in love with his acting before drooling over his almost-perfect-physique (with emphasis on cutest dimples, intense eyes and sexiest pouty lips).. 😉 i think LMH has bridged the gap of the STARS up there and humans down here. when you see him, you’ll totally feel that he’s just another simple neighborhood guy who you can chat with the whole day without holding back your feelings.. 🙂 he doesn’t have that superstar complex even though he’s already the SUPERNOVA that he is.. 🙂 Lee Min-Ho, FIGHTING!

  45. LEE MIN HO, firts captured my heart in Boys Over Flower i love his role there. In fact I really don’t know how would I explain how I love him BUW When I saw him at Araneta for his FanCon, when he came out from the backstage brought me in TEARS, i know that is tears of joy and that tears can explain how I LOVE HIM.

  46. I really don’t know how would I explain how i love him, but when i saw him during his fan con at araneta it brought me tears so i I KNOW THIS TEARS CAN EXPLAIN HOW I LOVE HIM..

  47. HI.. For me it is just “ONE WORD” to describe LEE MIN HO he is “PERFECT” .. I like him so much like his face,eyes,his height,being a smart guy,kind,evrything about him, I know even if i didnt met him yet i know he was a GOOD guy, Ever since i watched him in “boy’s over flower” i begin to idolized him coz he was very CHARMING,so LOVABLE and evry girl dat will see him will like,love and admire him so much. Im happy because i saw him last nov.16 and this date was very memorable to me coz ive given the chance to see him even if im so far buts its ok coz evrything was worth it,, not only me became the happiest person that day because thousands of his FILIPINO fans wait and wanted to see him.. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH because he inspired me and become addicted to him,his my happiness.. Words cannot describe how much he INSPIRES millions of people in the world. I/WE love LEE MIN HO because he is so “PERFECT”….

  48. I liked Lee Min Ho because of his drama Boys Over Flower! coz I believe in “Love at first sight!” hehe. love him when I watched his Perfect Match and hooked me when I watched his City Hunter and get suuper gaga when I watched his Faith/Great Doctor!
    I liked him sooo much because he is a good person and a kind hearted person! he is soooo nice! he’s charming and handsome! and his acting skills, he never lose poise! and liked him more and more coz of his dorkyness when I watched the BTS videos of his dramas! his SEXY NOSE, POUTY LIPS, WARM & COTTONY HANDS and his KILLER SMILE eveeer! my vitaMINHO that’s why I liked him because seeing him when i’m not in the mood makes me in good mood! seeing his smile makes my heart into normal to a much better beat! seeing his photos makes me feel comfortable.
    Lee Min Ho is a family centered man and a dog lover like me! that’s why I suuuuuper like him! and he has the B E S T fan service! the BEST ACTOR/MODEL!

  49. Lee Min Ho makes me smile by just looking at his photos, watching his videos, and specially his dramas and movies.
    I spent whole day falling in line just to see him in flesh during his FAN MEETING here in the Philippines! I hope I can win the STAR 1 Magazine.
    All for the love for Lee Min Ho! <3

  50. I love leeminho because he’s not only good looking, he’s hard working and very versatile. He’s not afraid to try new roles. He always think what project to take and always surprise his fans with every role he portrays. 🙂

  51. Actually, I’m not a fan of him as Gu Jun Pyo. I just don’t like the hair. Hehe. It was during his Perfect Match days that I started to like him. And love him even more during City Hunter. I’m so impressed with his acting that I get so addicted with the series. He really sets the bar high. I love how versatile & how passionate he is as an actor, not to mention his demigod looks. Mr. Perfect, I must say! I can proudly say that he’s really one of the best looking Korean Actor ever. 🙂 I admire how he takes his acting craft so seriously that he carefully chooses his drama series & only accepts 1 every year. Given a very good script, I do really hope to see him on the big screen soon.
    I’m one of those thousands who witnessed how nice he was during the Benchsetter Fun Meet. I really felt the sincerity and humility, how genuine he was. I also admire that he kept his promise by eating Adobo. How sweet of him?! I also heard/read a lot of fan encounters during his 4 days stay here, & that makes me really, really happy & proud knowing that he’s still grounded despite the fame. A truly commendable trait coming from a Korean Superstar. Seeing him in flesh was really an overwhelming experience & to be hugged by him will forever be cherished. All those years of fangirling/stalking paid off. I will surely love him forever! A proud Lee Min Ho’s super fangirl!:) Minoz Forever! Fighting! 

  52. I love LMH because with one simple smile he was able to complete my day. Every time I see that dimples and adams apple of his my day gets brighter and better. I’ve been supporting him since like forever. Making sure that I will always be able to watch all his dramas and know all his schedule. The past three years has been a whirlwind of LMH fandom. Moreover, he is my daily dose of medicine especially if my day is getting worst just one look of him smiling makes me all charged up. I’ve been asking myself why I just can’t stop loving him apart from reasons I already said, but the list won’t just shorten. I love the way he smiles. I love the way he dressed-up. I love the way he waves. I love the way he acts. I love the way he jokes around with other people. I love the way he keeps his promises to his fans. I love the way he treats his fans. I love the way he respect his co-workers. I love his mannerisms. I love all his dramas. I love how charismatic he can get. I love his overflowing sex appeal. I love the way he makes me go crazy. The list is endless. Last but not the least I love LEE MIN HO…. period. 🙂

  53. I love Lee Min Ho because of his whole package.. good looks great style and very talented.. i can just stare at his picture whole day.. i have not gone gaga nor starstruck with anyone else.. i like the way he stares and smiles..
    Please please let me win.. picture of him will complete my birthday!!!

  54. I like Lee Min Ho because there are many reasons to like him…
    Who can’t resist the charm of Lee Min Ho, with his handsome face and appeal in the big screen and being a model as well.
    I like him as an actor. I like his acting because in every Korean drama that he did he always improved his acting, from an arrogant character of a lead role in Boys Over Flower to a versatile actor in Perfect Match to an action star in City Hunter to a mature role in a historical drama in Faith. I even more like him in City Hunter because he really improved a lot in his acting in this Korean Drama. He wasn’t afraid to try and go for the fighting scenes and take note no doubles to substitute as him. He really extend his boundaries as an actor in City Hunter.
    I like him, because even he is a celebrity or a Hallyu Star he doesn’t have a pretension. I was lucky to watch him during his fan meeting in Manila Philippines last Novemeber 16, 2012, and I can see in him that he really enjoyed with the fans. He even walk as a model when there was a contest for the Lee Min Ho look alike, and he was really laughing when he saw the video that imitates the acting of Park Min Young in City hunter. He was also concerned with the fans who were pushing, (almost a stampede, i know the feeling because i was there) he told that to the host/interpreter of the fun meet to be more careful and don’t make some unnecessary actions to avoid accidents. He has no pretension when he asked a fan what would be his dinner for that night, where he would like to try a filipino dish. When the fan answered about that filipino dish, he posted a picture in twitter that he tried that dish, and he find it delicious. So I really find him as a celebrity with no pretensions at all.
    Well, everything about him is likeable.

  55. I like Lee Min Ho initially because his role in City Hunter attracted my attention. It was a good series and he was excellent as City Hunter. As I learnt more about him as an actor and a person through You Tube and BTS videos , I find him to be extremely down to earth, and as a super star adored by millions, he still remained grounded, simple and sincere. He realized that his fans made him what he is today and has tried to remain true to them. He works hard, smiling, laughing and keeping the working atmosphere happy though the conditions have been tough. He is a good son, brother and citizen. His fame has not changed him one iota, he remains beautiful on the outside and on the inside. Kim Hee Sun while filming “Faith” said that he is the nicest actor she has ever worked with. That tells you the person he is. He is sweet, dorky, funny and lovable.

  56. I’ve been a fan of him ever since I saw him in ‘Public Enemy Returns.’ He really grew on me as I continuously saw him in appearances in dramas along the way. His acting skills is versatile and always shows mass improvement in every role that he takes. I think he really shows what a true actor is.

  57. I like him because I love him. I cannot explain why, I just know that I do. 🙂
    He is the reason why I am Hallyu fascinated right now. I learned to read/write basic Hangul, to love Korean food, to listen Kpop and to watch more Kdramas. All of that because of Lee Min Ho. <3
    PS. He is also the reason why I dream to visit Seoul (and I even considered living there! ^^) That is actually how I first discovered buhaykorea.com 🙂

  58. It seems like, I’m the only guy here, typing a comment to have a copy of Star1 Magazine. But, I’m not a gay okay? hehe.
    There are many reasons to like Lee Min Ho, Me? I cay say that almost everything, fame, looks, all in one. Nice smile, nice body, lovely hair, ALL. I think Lee Min Ho is perfect, but I know in some reasons, he’s not perfect, I mean, he have problems too. But all we see is a happy face. I like lee min ho because he has a good heart, love his fans, being down to earth, kind, communicate with Minoz if he have a time, he gives as inspiration, even I’m a boy, I’m inspired with him, Lee Min Ho never disappoint his fans, always smile, charming voice, even he can’t dance, I accept him. Hehe. What more can I say? Hm. I saw him here in the Philippines, at the Fun Meet. He said “MAHAL KO KAYO” and many girls are shouting, and even me? “NAPAHANGA AKO”, not all actors are like that.Being good and he love his Family so much. I would say that I love everything about Lee Min Ho. Now, I started collecting some of his stuffs, and fingers crossed to have a star1 copy. Thankyou! 🙂

  59. Didn’t start out as a fan, truth be told. I didn’t even watch Boys Over Flowers – because I’ve always been a Meteor Garden fan and Dao Ming Zi was enough. But I’m happy that ABS-CBN is picking up everything LMH – thanks to his accessibility to free TV, all of my friends are raving about him. So they finally convinced me to watch Personal Taste, even after it was shown in the local channel, they supportively gave me links to watch it online; and I only agreed because I loved Son Ye-jin in The Classic and A Moment to Remember.
    16 episodes – and it took me a month to finish! why? because Lee Min-ho is soo attractive I get distracted all the time. I am serious – the moment he comes in on screen and I just lose myself mindless, I have to keep backtracking the episode so I can catch up with the story. My goodness, the man must be a god! He is physically perfect I could easily lose focus. So I trace that tiny little scar on his face, and I relieve myself with his reality. i thought, “oh there’s that scar. thank God he is real. i love that scar.”
    When I finally got a hold of myself, I finished the drama somehow still sane. I loved all his expressions in Personal Taste – his determination, his protectiveness, his being the cool collected gentleman caught up with the gay-presumptives, how he calls his mom by her first name.
    Then came City Hunter. I always remind myself to look for his scar so I don’t lose myself easy again – but still I can’t help swooning. Lee Yoon-sung is a complicated character he breezed through. I can imagine all the training he undergone was part of the job, but how he portrayed the character – to appear insensitive on the outside, acquire a second identity out for blood but really dying on the inside – what an actor, i am all hands down!
    Faith – his General character is my favorite. It’s endearing in a man to be all bottled up, without any words to express how he truly feels and just act as he is expected – to be strong. He carried Choi Young’s character as if it were his second skin. The daejang is by far my favorite persona he immersed himself to be, and this felt like a dream realized for me because I’ve always loved period dramas, and my favorite man brought a chivalrous character to life.
    I guess to say he is a talented actor is an understatement. I love his selection of characters.
    It’s fascinating how, this man who can have anyone, or anything he desires – chooses to be a homebody, not drink and watch movies incognito. It sure gives him a captivating charm as a person. I have so much respect for his ability, and will to value his privacy and yet still give so much to his fans.
    When he gave out interviews in Manila, I was left in awe at his down-to-earth yet cheerful personality. He gives credit to his humble beginning as an actor, and his determination to challenge himself as an actor, and acknowledge his fans. Here is a good good man.
    Now, I’ll just sit back and sit still, looking forward to whatever he will do next, as he never fails to deliver awesome. He’s a delightful thing to watch.
    So, yes… slow and steady he made me a Minoz. And steady I shall remain.

  60. Actually, i started to like him in Personal taste. He really caught my attention there. He’s really cute there. <3 I don't know why i didn't like him first in Boys over Flowers, maybe because of my friend who like him first. 🙂 but now, i really appreciate his role there. When city hunter was aired here in the Philippines, i started to be CRAZY! i watched his drama Mackerel run and i am sam <3 he's really good and funny in mackerel run 🙂 OMG. i also went to araneta to see him personally. i could feel that he really enjoyed his viist here. he's really down to earth even though he's really a big big BIG star now. after that, i also went to skydome just to see him again. still, i am hoping to meet and greet him again somday :)) i really like everything about him <3 his physical appearance, his attitude, his expressions. <3

  61. hi, i started liking lee min ho when i first saw him in bOF, so i bacame skeptical about him , i feel his lacking in something. and i like him because of his good personality . kaya i spent my whole day para lang pumila dun sa funMeet niya sa Sm North Edsa ! kaya nung dumating pa yung mga iba niyang palabasi became a fan of him ever since

  62. Min Ho is such an adorable person. I never imagined someone exists like him. I mean,he’s a popular guy but he seems to be so down-to-earth and caring when he visited us here just recently in the Philippines. I will never regret doing everything that time to just get a glimpse of him. I feel so lucky to be one of the people who knew him, adores and idolizes him. I LOVE LEE MIN HO!~

  63. I like and I love Lee Min Ho , not because he is handsome but because he’s my inspiration. At first , I don’t have an idol . I don’t believe in it . That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of great, wonderful, caring, and influential people in the world, but at the end of the day, they’re all human. But when I saw Lee Min Ho , I felt something that I don’t feel on any artist. I’m amaze when I first saw him on TV. He’s so adorable , good-looking , kind , thoughtful, handsome , lovable especially to his fans . And then one day , I searched about his Informations and Woah , He’s really my ideal man . He’s good in acting , that’s why I like him so much . I held pages about him on facebook . I am a Solid fan and certified MINOZ . I like , want and love him since year 2006 ^_^ Maybe , I’m his stalker 😀 Because I always checked his status everyday coz I want to know what he is doing every second. But I just to say that I will always be there for him , I love him I really do 🙂 I will be his SUPER DUPER fan til the end .

  64. I love him so much but I can’t have him 🙁 In my dream he’s mine but in reality he’s just a dream. I may not be chosen here. I just want you to know that I love him. I LOVE LEE MIN HO MORE THAN STARS IN THE SKY AND FISH IN THE SEA. That’s all. Thank you.

  65. Nagustuhan ko si Lee Min Ho dahil narin sa daughter ko. My daughter really like and loves that korean actor so much even she’s 12 yrs.old young. Nung bumisita si Lee Min Ho dito sa Phil. nakita ko kung gano kadedicated si LMH sa kanyang mga fans, may pakeelam din sya sa fans nya, ayaw nya ng may nagkakasakitan, yung simpleng pagngiti nya, napasaya nya hindi lang ang anak ko kung hindi lahat ng tagahanga nya. Pinayagan kong manuod ng Fun Meet and Mall Tour ang anak ko kasi alam kong once in a life time lang yun. Kitang-kita ko kasi na mahal na mahal nya si Lee Min Ho at hindi mapapantayan yung sayang naramdaman nya. Nagustuhan ko si LMH dahil sa acting skills nya. Hes really good sa action,comedy, pati sa pagpapakilig ng mga televiewers, kayang kaya nya.Gusto korin sya dahil mahal nya ang pamilya nya gaya ko. Gagawin lahat para mapasaya ito. Aaminin ko na naattract ako sa physical appearance nya. Sino ba namang hindi hahanga sakanya? Ang gwapo diba? Im 50plus na but because of the influence of my daughter. I’m also a fangirl of LMH.Lahat na yata ay nasa kanya, tanging pagsayaw lang ang pinagkait sa kanya, tama? Nag-aaral mbuti ang anak ko para sakanya, gusto nyang pumunta ng Seoul in the near future.Nobody knows dba? Handang magsacrifice lahat ng taong nagmamahal kay LMH.Kaya this Christmas, I wanted to surprise my daughter. If ever manalo ko dito, ibibigay ko sakanyang gift tong star1 magazine. Im sure na matutuwa sya, at gusto ko syang makitang masaya. =)))

  66. When I first saw Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers, I just liked his character in the drama. But as days passed by and more dramas came his way, I started to like him very, very much. I even made some personalized calendars, tumblers and diary so that one day when he visits the Philippines, I will give it to him if there will be a chance. (I was able to attend his Bench Fun Meet. Unfortunately, I was not able to approach him closely.) Anyways, I want Lee Min Ho because he is an excellent actor who knows how to make chemistry with his leading ladies in different genres. Yet, he is very humble despite his status. I also love his family-orientedness trait. It seems that he really loves his mom because wherever he goes, he always talks about her, especially her dishes. Lastly, I really admire how he handles his self. He is very confident but he does not seem to be boastful. He always wears his killer smile wherever he is. PERFECT… indeed, this is the word that really describes LEE MIN HO. <3

  67. Oppa.. Lee MinHosshi..
    Thank you for being yourself, . just being you, inspires many.. even there is an obvious language barrier, its still not a reason for other fans not to love you. When i saw your videos, pictures and when i saw you in person, just by looking at you i know that you are thankful that we minoz love you, you are sincere, warm, polite and sometimes childish.
    In my life, personally, you became my strength when i am about to give up, believing that i am worthless, but when i just have glimpsed of your photos it made me stronger and to keep fightuing back.. I am very sincere of you being my inspiration..
    we love you so much, please always do take care, and remeber to take rest.. there are millions of people who looked up to you, and you without being knowing became a role model… godbless. fighting !!!!

  68. Hi Ms. Betchay, may I know who are the winners for this blog giveaway event? Thank you and Godbless you po. 🙂

  69. congratulations all the winners!!!
    hope you’re happy to win this giveaway.. enjoy having a Star 1 magazine starring Lee Min Ho…

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