Snowy December in Korea

Heavy snow fell in Korea last Wednesday. Thankfully, I received my new boots the day before and I haven’t slipped on the icy road. Too bad for drivers since many had to wait in their vehicles for hours! There were also an increase in road accidents last Wednesday. It also snowed a bit around two o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday. This Friday morning, I woke up to a light snow fall. Snowy days indeed!

At my favorite bubble tea shop last Wednesday night…

This weekend, the temperature in Seoul is expected to go down at -16 degrees Celsius while the noon temperature is at -6 degrees! If you’re visiting the city, be sure to bundle up… dress up like an eskimo (as my favorite Christmas song says)! I usually wear a pair of thermal shirt and pants, sweater, jeans and my nine-year old goose down jacket! I don’t like the hassle of mufflers or gloves. I just put my hands inside my jacket pockets when it’s cold.
Can’t wait for a White Christmas!

Be prepared for delays in flights if you’re traveling to and from Korea. This morning, it was reported that a few flights were delayed for a few hours because of the early morning snow fall.
You can check more pictures on the snow fall last Wednesday through Daum.


  1. One thing I like about Korea is their winter season. Well, I love Christmas and I like the idea of snow. It makes me do a lot of thing I can when there’s no snow.

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