Hail the Queen! Kim Yuna is back!

This weekend, Kim Yuna fans like me anticipated her return to the figure skating competitions. The last time she competed was in 2011 or 19 months ago. After the long wait, she appeared in the senior category of the NRW Trophy.
Kim Yuna won both in the short program and free skate routine. She got more than 200 points in the competition, despite a fall on her free skate.
Short program: Kiss of a Vampire

Free skate routine: Les Miserables

I just can’t wait to see more of Kim Yuna, especially in the World Championships next year!


  1. Thanks for sharing Betchay! I love this sports so much. Where and when is the Championship next year? We will be in KR first week of Dec 2013.

  2. wow she’s so nice huh?? i’ve only heard about her before until i saw this video clip…
    thanks for sharing!!
    by the way if you are a figure skating fan, “Ice Princess” is a good english movie to watch… it’s all about figure skating!!

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