Smoking Ban in Korea

In case you’re planning to visit Korea, please be aware that smoking ban in Korea at most public places including restaurants!

Geum-yeon or No Smoking

Beginning December 8th, smoking in restaurants, bars and bakeries that are 150 square meters or larger is prohibited. This restriction will be gradually applied to all restaurants by 2015. Public facilities such as hospitals, schools, day care centers, playgrounds parks, museums and plazas are included in the list of places where smoking is not allowed.
If you’re planning to visit the country soon, be aware of this new ban. There are still restaurants and bars that will let you smoke though. There are also coffee shops that have separate and enclosed smoking section. That way, you can still enjoy your favorite stick from an online smoke shop. I remember a “Tom N Tom’s” coffee shop branch has this smoking area.
Violators of the smoking ban will pay fine.


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