Korean Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP)

The KIIP or Korean Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP) is a social integration program introduced by the Korean government in 2009. It is a voluntary program available for immigrants in South Korea.
If you are new in Korea, you might want to inquire about this program to help you adjust better to how things are in the country. Also, if you plan on applying for Korean citizenship later on, you might want to consider getting a Certificate from the KIIP.
The program is divided into two: Korean Language Course and Understanding Korean Society. Married immigrants need to finish two levels of KLC (beginners) for a total of 200 hours and 50 hours of UKS. After the course, a certificate is issued to the participant.
The benefit of attending this program includes:
– exemption from naturalization test and interview
– exemption from TOPIK when applying for F-5 (for general immigrants)
– additional points in changing status to F-2 (for professionals)
You can apply for the program (Korean Immigration and Integration Program) online via HiKorea portal.
You can get more information in Korean at this website: KIIP

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  1. Thank you very much for this info.Im new in Korea and im looking for programs like this.Programs that wi definitely benefit migrant women in Korea.

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