Subsidy for Preschool Kids

Subsidy for all Korean pre-school kids
Subsidy for all Korean pre-school kids

The subsidy for pre-school kids will be implemented this year across the board, starting March. This means that even if your child is not attending day care, he or she can get some amount of money for home care.
The subsidy is for children who are 만 0-5 years. Remember that in Korea, we count the age differently but when we put 만 or man before the years, it represents the biological age.
만 0세 – born after 2012.01.01
만 1세 – kids born between 2011.01.01 to 2011.12.31
만 2세 – kids born between 2010.01.01 to 2010.12.31
만 3세 – kids born between 2009.01.01 to 2009.12.31
만 4세 – kids born between 2008.01.01 to 2008.12.31
만 5세 – kids born between 2007.01.01 to 2007.12.31
The amount of allowance is as follows:
만 0세 to 만 2세
– below 12 months: 200,000 won
– 12 – 24 months: 150,000 won
– 24 – 36 months: 100,000 won
만 3세: 100,000 won
만 4세: 100,000 won
만 5세: 100,000 won
For those who are attending day care, the allowance is as follows (this is paid to the day care center or kindergarten and not personally received by the parents):
만 0세: 394,000 won
만 1세: 347,000 won
만 2세: 286,000 won
만 3세: 220,000 won
만 4세: 220,000 won
만 5세: 220,000 won
Remember that the child is not qualified to receive the allowance if he/she lives abroad. Also, the child is only qualified to receive either the subsidy for home-care or day-care depending on what is applied for during the application process.
The application for the benefits mentioned above starts on February 4, 2013. Just visit the village office or you can also apply online via and (i-Sarang).


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