Remembering Kim Kwang Suk

As much as I’d like to share more about Korea, it’s kinda difficult when you’re juggling different roles. A 24-hour day isn’t enough especially when you have to do everything by yourself. I have to be a mother to my son, a wife to my husband, a homemaker and a part-time employee. I could only find time for myself late at night like right now. I don’t have any complaints though. I just wish the day could be longer ;p
I haven’t been watching the news lately but tonight I visited my favorite Korean portal site and found that “Kim Kwang Suk” is the top trending topic.

Kim Kwang Suk trends
Kim Kwang Suk trends

Kim Kwang Suk was a famous folk singer in Korea. He died 17 years ago but his songs live on. I learned about him from my husband. Whenever we travel, he would put on Kim Kwang Suk’s CD and sing-along to his songs like “Ireona” and “Sarang hetjiman” (Hangeul: 사랑했지만) among others. After the CD is finished, it would be my turn to play Dave Matthews songs. I’ve converted my husband to DMB’s music and he did the same to me with KKS’s music.
Among the Korean singers that I’ve listened to, Kim Kwang Suk is the most unforgettable. He truly sings from the heart. I wonder what kinds of songs he would’ve written if he were still alive.
Here’s the song “Sarang hetjiman”

You can also watch the full concert here:

And now I’m reminded of that time when we were driving along Gapyeong and I couldn’t stop asking questions about Kim Kwang Suk. The “what if” just lingers in my mind…


  1. Betchay: This certainly brings back memories for me. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I think I’ve been following your website for about 5 years now. As time goes by, I’ve noticed a distinct emphasis on your website towards “all things Korean”. Just look at your “You might also like” links! Now, I know you are a Seoulite, Wife to a Korean, and working Mom. But you are also a Filipina! That won’t EVER change. So, to mix it up a little bit, how about paying a little more attention to “Things Philippine”..maybe a special section? I know you are busy, but you have readers that would love to know about famous filipino follk singers, current issues affecting the Philippines, Philippines customs, or maybe just how to make GOOD Pandesol in Korea! I for one would like to see a little more of your Filipina roots on your website. You have a great website, betchay, and you DO include some Philippine items of interest, but I’d like to see a little more “Philippine pride” themes in your writings! I’m getting a little tired of so much “K-POP this and Korean actor that” , and Rafflecopter makeup promos. I’m sure your audience finds them interesting, but a little more promotion of Philippines culture would really help educate others here in Korea.

    1. Thank you so much. You just encouraged me to blog later when I quit my job and become a full-time homemaker again ;p

  2. I love this singer. In fact 사랑했지만 is one of my favorites. A hit in every norebang visit. And my husband loves him as well (I think most Koreans born before the 90’s do). I heard he died of a broken heart heart. A love failed by a cheating wife. Anyway nothing captures a song that comes from one’s heart.
    I found your page while trying to find a good cargo shipping company. Never knew you have this going for quite a time. Glad I met you. I hope we could share some ideas in the future.

  3. Asawa:
    I love what you said. I too have been doing the same thing I guess. I regularly check Korean news online but never check our country’s. Maybe having stayed here for some time have made me “Korean” in many ways. But say something bad about Filipinos and you can see me flying with rage. Hehehe I maybe lacking some interest in Filipino trends but I do love our country and forever will be a Filipina.

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