Sex Offender Notification

A notification from the Ministry of Justice
A notification from the Ministry of Justice

When I saw the envelope from the Ministry of Justice in our mailbox yesterday, I immediately opened it and as a result the letter was partly torn. The last time I received a letter from the Ministry of Justice was when my application for name change was approved.
The letter is actually a “Sex Offender Notification”. I talked to one mom at school today and she said that all households with children are notified when a sex offender is tracked in the neighborhood. It includes the name, height, weight, age and the address of the offender and the gist of his crime. The person identified attempted to rape a 21-year old female in Namyangju last year. He is sentenced to serve 2 years and six months in prison, but is out on parole for three years.
The Ministry of Justice in South Korea maintains a database of sex offenders. However the website is only in Korean. You can find out if one lives in your neighborhood by visiting


  1. magandang araw po sa inyu sir or madam…gustu ko lang sana po nah mahuli na po itung mga illigal person or tnt dito sa south korea sa gwangju ditu sa singgadong ang dami illegal person ditu….ako po ay isang pilipino din….yung iba naka motor sana check up nyu yan para mahuli na sila…salamat po

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