Holy Week in Korea

It's just another Friday here in Korea... Etude House sale!
It’s just another Friday here in Korea… Etude House sale!

I was baptized as a Catholic and attended Catholic schools from first grade until I finished college. For years, I observed the Holy Week by going to church, abstaining from eating meat and visiting the “Grotto” in Bamban, Tarlac.
Here in Korea, religion and government are truly separate. The government doesn’t interfere in religious affairs and vice versa. Religious holidays, except for Christmas and Buddha’s Birthday, are not among the legal holidays observed.
Observing the Holy Week in Korea is a personal preference. Since I came here, I stopped practicing my religion. The religious holidays I used to follow are just ordinary days here in Korea.
Today is Good Friday, but here in Korea it’s just another Friday. People go to work. Kids go to school and homemakers like me do household chores ;p

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  1. I have a fiance in Tarlac, what a small world! I’ve seen some lovely photos from that area and so I could easily visualize something as spectacular as the Grotto being in that region. The photos from that region are always breathtaking and lovely. There’s obviously many wonderful attractions in that region. Now I’m beginning to understand why I always find so many photos online that were taken in Tarlac! Thank for always sharing such wonderful article updates! Have a great Holy week and I pray the Cherry Blossoms are bringing you a sweet Springtime mood! -Ben ã……ã……

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