Jo In Sung Bell Bracelet

I’ve been getting requests for the Jo In Sung bell bracelet that he wore in the drama.

Bell bracelet as worn by Jo In Sung
Bell bracelet as worn by Jo In Sung

Available in two lengths: male (20 cm) and female (18 cm).
Bell bracelet from "That Winter the Wind Blows"
Bell bracelet from “That Winter the Wind Blows”

*** Edited. Bracelet not available anymore.
One piece is US$ 15.00. The price includes regular shipping. Please send an additional $2.00 for registered (tracking option) mail.
Tracking is free for orders of 2 or more pieces, please choose “regular” shipping in this case.
If you have questions, drop me a line at “shop AT”


  1. JIS is my best current KR actor, after the wind blows, I went archive with is other movies and he fits any role ……he’s just too appealing. I wonder who he’s link with, I also like his minimalist house.

  2. Hi you,
    I just wonder if you have store in Malaysia so that I can buy that bracelet in store. If not, is online purchase the only way?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Lol, Its a coincidence i went to a market in my neighborhood and bought the same bell for RM22(original price RM 24). I didnt even know about the movie and i just randomly search for any info on the bell and Google led me here ><

  3. Is it available in the philippines? I’m currently residing there and wondering if I can purchase it from here. thanks.

  4. Hello!
    I just want to ask if this can be bought from the Philippines. Does the bell actually ring?

        1. It’s not like a loud ring because the bell is small… but it does ring a tiny sound when it’s moved.

          1. Okay, thanks for telling me. Will order when I have the money, and how long would it take to ship out to the United States?

  5. hello,
    i just want to know. that you still have jo in sung bell bracelet?
    can you give me feedback? ASAP! Thank you

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