Filipinos in South Korea "used to" NK threats

Today, NK announced that foreigners in South Korea should plan for their safety by leaving the country. Foreign embassies in South Korea are still maintaining the same alert level as everything is calm and normal in Seoul. How do Filipinos feel in South Korea? As in this article that came out on ABS-CBN’s online news portal, many Filipinos in South Korea are doing what the South Koreans have been doing for the past 60 years. As a resident of Seoul, there really isn’t much we can do. We can’t let the threats of NK rule our lives. We can’t live in fear because that’s unproductive and stressful. For some, prayers are effective in relaxing the mind and comforting the soul.
We don’t want war in South Korea. We don’t want war in any part of the world.

Most Filipinos living and working in South Korea appear to be unfazed by the recent threats made by North Korea.
Filipino community leaders in South Korea interviewed by said the situation in the country is calm, and not as serious as people in the Philippines might perceive.
Fr. Arvin Mosqueda, who works closely with the Filipino community in Seoul, said some Filipinos are worried about the situation but so far he has not talked to anyone who wants to leave the country because of it.

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  1. Here’s the truth on North Korea, if indeed they do attack S. Korea they’ll most likely destroy Seoul. If you’re able to live in Busan where most of China and Russia’s people live and Embassies are, then you’ll be much better off after N.Korea commits suicide by nuking and obliterating Seoul. The truth is that a Nuke no matter how large, when put inside a Missile cannot destroy more than one city. And even if N.Korea manages to put a larger sized nuke on a plane that by miracle gets thru America’s barrage, it can’t take out more than 3 cities and cannot get past Seoul, because America will be annihilating anything that tries. The U.S. knows that some N. Korean missiles and objects will get thru the barrage, the odds that any of them are nuclear are zero. However even just 100,000 regular missiles can decimate Seoul and currently there are over 1,000,000 missiles pointed at Seoul. So the odds that Seoul survives an attack are zero, especially since after the barrage is over there will be over 60,000 N. Korean soldiers, tanks, and weaponry headed for Seoul. But after they’re all annihilated, the U.S. will occupy S. Korea as usual and N. Korea will be declared U.S. property, so everybody in Busan will continue life like nothing had happened. So there you go, the Korean war in a nutshell. -Ben Arnold

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