PSY's Gentleman

Last year’s biggest story in music is Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. Here in Korea, fans are awaiting the release of his new single called “Gentleman”. It’s a dance track and like the previous single, listening to it might cause LSS or last song syndrome.
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What do you guys think? Do you like Psy’s “Gentleman”? Will it make it big like “Gangnam Style”? What kind of dance will Psy introduce this time? Covers?


  1. I think that Gentleman is great song, but not as good as Gangnam style. We’ll see, if will it be so popular like Gangnam style. It has also unique and interesting dance which was easy and people liked it.

  2. In all honestly, I think the song is OK, and the reason why he has all those views is because of course people who watched/listened to Gangnam Style want to know his next song right. But I’m not a fan so much of the song, I like Gangnam Style better because of the horse dance thingy.

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