Discounted Korean shows from Rush Ticket

Earlier this year, my family saw the Korean shows “Nanta” and “JUMP”. They are worth the money I paid for the tickets. I brought my parents-in-law with us and they had a great time. At both shows, I was either smiling or laughing. Not a single boring moment. My son loved “JUMP” and he even asked me to see it again, but I want to take him to other Korean shows like “B-Boy”, “Misuda”, “Fantastick”, and others. I am pretty sure I would enjoy them, too.
I could get discounted tickets to Korean shows from the “Korea in Motion” website, which is available in English, Japanese and Korean. The site offers “Rush Ticket” with limited discounted tickets starting from 30% off VIP, R, S and P tickets to non-verbal performances, musical and theatrical plays.

Get discounted tickets from "Rush Ticket"
Get discounted tickets from “Rush Ticket”

FYI, the website is still under construction so not all performances are available on the site.
If you’re visiting Seoul, take the time to watch a Korean show. They are worth your time and money ;p

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