Happy Parents' Day

Happy Parents’ Day to all the parents in Korea!

Carnations are offered to parents on this special occasion.
Carnations are offered to parents on this special occasion.

The month of May is family month in Korea. There are several celebrations in this month. The first one is Labor or Workers Day on May 1st. Last Sunday, May 5th, is Children’s Day and tomorrow, May 8th, is Parents’ Day. It’s called 어버이날 (eo-beo-i-nal) in Korean. In Korea, it was originally commemorated as Mother’s Day on May 8th, 1956. On March 30, 1973, a Presidential Decree was signed to replace the holiday. From 1974, May 8th has been celebrated as Parents’ Day. On this day, children show their appreciation for their parents’ never-ending sacrifice and love by giving carnations.
When my son was in day care, he and his friends would prepare paper carnations. Now that he’s in grade school, I am not sure if they will make paper carnations, too. Nevertheless, I know he appreciates our unconditional love for him. He tells us all the time that he will work hard when he grows up and take care of us. Of course, we don’t really want him to do that (to be his responsibilities!) but the fact that he thinks about it makes my heart swell ;p
For those with Korean PILs, a simple “Thank you” or “감사합니다” will be much appreciated by your Korean parents-in-law.

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