Map Tools Help Photographer Explore The Land Down Under

Photographer Ian Welch had so much success on his last trip to Australia that he is back for a second time. This time, Ian is visiting sites near Albany, Australia. He has come prepared with his camera and map tools consisting of a Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit.
Ian’s first day in Australia takes him to the Natural Bridge in Western Australia. This beautiful naturally formed bridge spans the expanse between two larger rocks. The ocean churns and foams beneath the bridge, issuing a warning to any who dare to cross the bridge. Ian can see why crossing is not for the faint of heart. Ian finds a perfect spot and sets up his camera to capture the beautiful bridge and the tumultuous ocean below. He knows this will create an ideal photo for anyone who loves nature shots.
Ian’s second day in Australia finds him hiking up the Bluff Knoll in Albany, Australia. Equipped with his pack stocked with water, warmer clothes, map tools and camera, Ian begins the arduous trek up the mountain. After reaching the top, Ian is rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the land below. His thoughts drift to the research he did before his trip, including reading about Matt Brooks, a San Francisco based mountaineer. Just then, Ian spots a rainbow just as it forms and captures several shots from various angles.
As Ian’s third day dawns, he makes his way to the Albany Wind Farm. The wind farm sits along the coastline and consists of around 18 separate windmills. Ian leans against one windmill and hears the motor working inside the contraption. He quickly sets up his camera to capture the scenic surroundings before making his way to the coastline. Adjusting his camera, Ian expertly captures the beauty of the surf rolling in alongside the wind farm. The greenery and the ocean converging with the majestic windmills make for a wondrous display well worth his effort.
Ian spends a few more days in Australia before leaving for home. He is pleased with the variety of nature shots he took in “The Land Down Under” and is confident that they will be popular at his next art show.

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