2013 Korean Video Contest

Last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored the successful “I love Korea because…” video contest. This year, MOFA and Arirang TV are sponsoring another Korean video contest. I’m quite disappointed that it’s not going to be “I love Korea…” because I have a topic on my mind.

Join now and win a Korean brand car!
Join now and win a Korean brand car!

Anyway, this contest is open to all foreigners living in Korea and abroad. Korean citizens, who are not Korean descent, can join this contest (oh yeah!)
There are only two topics that you can choose from. If I were joining the contest, I’d talk about my husband as my best Korean friend. We were friends first when we met anyway. As for favorite Korean food, this topic is difficult because it’s hard to choose just one!
Topic: One of the following ~~ My Best Korean Friend / My Favorite Korean Food
What to submit: A 3 minute long video
Deadline: August 9th, 2013 @ 6 PM KST
Grand Prize – 1 winner of a Korean car
Gold Prize – 2 winners of Korean brand laptop PC
Silver Prize – 3 winners of Korean brand tablet PCs
Bronze Prize – 4 winners of Korean brand digital camera
I like that the prizes are Korean branded. I remember commenting on a Facebook post of KTO last year when they had a contest and the prize was an iPad mini.
The winners will be announced in September.
You can download the application form and the rules from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


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