Not a Visa Free Travel to Japan for Filipinos

This morning, my FB has been flooded with the “great news” that Filipinos can now visit Japan without a visa for 15 days. That news is not correct.
While Japan has eased visa rules for ASEAN countries, Filipinos are still required to get a visa.
Here is the bulletin from a Japanese government website:

Issuance of Multiple Entry Visas for Nationals of the Republic of the Philippines
June 25, 2013
In celebration of the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, the Government of Japan has decided to begin issuance from July 1, of multiple entry visas for short-term stay to nationals of the Republic of the Philippines (ordinary passport holders) who reside in their home country.
The further development of Japan-Philippines exchange is expected as a result of the issuance of multiple entry visas, including increases in the number of tourist from the Philippines who visit Japan and the enhancement of the ease of business transactions between the two countries.
Multiple entry visas for short-term stay for nationals of the Republic of the Philippines (ordinary passport holders)
Those who have fulfilled certain conditions and who have an ordinary Machine-Readable passport (MRP) meeting International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards or an ordinary IC passport.
Period of stay:
15 days.
Term of validity:
Up to three years.
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The visa-free entry to Japan for 15 days is only for travelers with passports from Thailand and Malaysia.


  1. Mam Betchay,
    annyeong haseyo! I would like to ask the specific requirements for work visa .I was recommended by my Korean hsuband in his working place right now and he said his boss already hired me . I have been searching the requirements of a work visa hired directly by an employer in Korea and what name is that visa.? please and gamsahamnida!

    1. Hi Marianne! If you have a spousal visa (F-6) you won’t need another visa to work here. You can work at any job, just like an ordinary Korean.

      1. the thing is he won’t do the f6 visa first.. so he recommended me to his boss there where he is working right now.. so a work visa first for me.. thats why i was asking if u know the requirements for that visa as I have been surfing I can’t identify which is work visa… pls help me betchay thanks. i am here in philippines at the moment

        1. Oh so you have a tourist visa? It depends on the kind of work that you’re applying for. Korea has several work visas depending on the kind of job. If it’s non-skilled, the visa is E-9 (but you’ll have to get this through the POEA). For other jobs like engineering, managerial position, then it’s the E-7. If it’s teaching English at a hagwon, then as a Filipino we are not allowed to get the E-2 visa. If you have an F-6 visa, you can work as an English teacher. There are other working visas, but like I said it depends on the job or work required.

          1. mam, wala po.. para po kasi ganito sabi ng mister ko. hired na daw ako gn boss nya dun sa hotel resort na pinagwowrk nia sa orient hotel and resort actually… sabi nya if i can speak hanggeul sa F and B ako ilalagay as server but if not as room cleaner daw po. is it possible i am here and starting from here what are the requirements in getting a work visa for that kahit na may naghired na sa akin? thank you po mam. gusto ko kasi malinawan. 🙂

          2. Hi Marianne! Kasi hindi naman highly specialized ang job na in-applyan mo. Hindi ka makakakuha ng working visa for that mula sa Korea. Ang best talaga ay i-process ang F-6 visa mo para wala kang problema. Sa pagkuha ng working visa, ang company na nagha-hire sa ‘yo ang maga-apply sa immigration, hindi ikaw.

          3. opo mam, nagask na nga ako sa POEA na asa mall kahapon. she said nga na ung employer ko kukuha ng visa ko sa immigration dun sa korea. but no need for me to do exam daw ng korean language or topiks exam po na usually for factory workers daw po un.. so ung employer ko po ikkukuha ako visa dun .coz my husband told me by october ako punta dun.. hinired na daw po ako ng boss nya… uwi sila dito end of aUGUST eh..hindi ko na po alam ang gagawin ng boss nya.pero kukuhanan daw po ako ng visa……..

          4. Opinyon ko lang, mas mainam na i-apply mo na ang F-6 visa kasi mas malaya kang makakagalaw sa Korea. Nakakapagtaka naman na ayaw pa i-apply ng asawa mo ang visa na yan. Next year mas magiging mahirap na ang pagkuha ng F-6 visa.

  2. Good Aftie. I have been reading your blogs and I find a lot of things interesting
    here. I actually just wanted to ask if you have an idea of what the ITR for business
    people look like? Is it something I need to get from the BIR’s office or is it the
    orange one (form 1701) that the accountant gave me? i’m quite confused…I hope you can help me. thanks

  3. Hi! I would like to ask something about visa. I am a Filipina currently living in South Korea as a student. I have an Alien Registration Card and I would like to travel to Japan from South Korea for a few days then come back to South Korea. Will I still need to apply for a Japanese visa here in Korea? Thanks!

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