Korea's latest dance craze: Crayon Pop

Have you seen Crayon Pop and their video of the song ë¹ ë¹ ë¹  (bar bar bar)? First time I saw them about two weeks ago was in a Korean morning show and I thought they remind me of those Japanese superhero TV shows from two or three decades ago. I wouldn’t have thought that the girls are a member of a Korean pop group, specially that most Kpop girl groups often have bare legs, sexy outfit and suggestive dance moves.
Crayon Pop in their music video have their legs covered and their heads too ~ with helmets! Their clothes are definitely what teenagers could afford to wear and yup, they look like teenagers. The song ë¹ ë¹ ë¹  has a catchy tune with repeating lyrics ~ and some English thrown in too. It is the dance routine that people are copying and making their own versions of.
The first time I saw the dance on the morning show, I giggled as the men tried to do it. They looked funny! I thought it something that my husband would do. Oh yeah, my hubby can’t dance but he can definitely sing.
Here is the official music video of Crayon Pop’s song:

Ever seen Korean policemen dance? Here’s their cover of the song. Omo! A friend once commented that Korean policemen are young, cute and they don’t have big bellies. They are part of the Gyeongbuk Police.

And the Korean policewomen’s version (also Gyeongbuk Police):

These soldiers from the US Army stationed in Korea didn’t do a full video, but they did the jump dance:

Police, soldiers… firefighters!

And here’s another one…

I wonder if my ajumma friends would be interested in making our own version of Crayon Pop’s video…

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  1. ahahahahaha! ansaya neto. tama kayo, parang ung sinaunang mga superhero team tv show from japan. nakahelmet pa. nakakatawa yung mga parody. hahaha..

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