KPOP Republic 2013

The Incheon KPOP Festival 2013 was held yesterday, September 1st. A few of my friends went there. I remember my first Kpop experience in Korea and it was okay, but I told myself I would never watch another Kpop concert again. It was just too noisy for me (a sign that we’re getting old?) because of the non-stop screams of the fans.

Kpop Republic 2013 in Manila Philippines
Kpop Republic 2013 in Manila Philippines

For those who are still young and young-at-heart, it could be fun to attend one ~ like the kpop concert that will be held in Manila on Saturday. The KPOP Republic 2013 is all set for the September 7 show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Three famous kpop idol groups will be there ~ Exo-K, Shinee and Dal Shabet!
The tickets aren’t cheap though: SVIP is 12,720 pesos or 320,000 won while the cheapest is 1,275 pesos or 31,000 won. I remember the last concert I attended in the Philippines, I spent 1,500 pesos and I was even hesitant to spend that much! I know that many kpop fans are young, so I wonder how could they afford such expensive tickets. I just hope that they’re not skipping lunches ;p


  1. it is indeed contest here for that..usually they do ticket giveaways for concerts but I guessed that’s too much for a freebie…i hope it wouldn’t be a flop and it’s just around the corner waiting to happen

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