Pnoy Visit to South Korea

Pnoy, the Philippine president, is reportedly going to visit South Korea on October 17 and 18. The report said that it is in response to the invitation of South Korea’s president, Park Geun Hye.
What will he do in South Korea? He will meet with business leaders as well as the Filipino community.
When ex-President Fidel Ramos was in South Korea two months ago, he also met with the Filipino community as well as Cong. Jasmine Lee. Pnoy has been linked to a number of Alpha women in the Philippines. Of course, we all know that he is in his 50s and he is still a bachelor! A rich and educated man from a prominent family and still a bachelor??? Why oh why?
Oh well, there may be a lot of Filipino who would love to meet the Philippine president. Count me out!


  1. You cannot question a person’s choice when it comes to status, not everyone can marry at a certain age as what society dictates, he must be enjoying his time or not among the Alpha women has the qualities he’s looking for, so what’s the big deal???
    Absolutely, it’s your choice to count you out, not even Pnoy in his wildest dream would like to meet someone like you he doesn’t know from Adam!

    1. Ooohhh… affected? Peace, but his being a bachelor at his age is still questionable ;p
      Of course, he doesn’t know me… but I know he’s the President and a nobody like wouldn’t even want to see him.

      1. Ha..ha…a learned person doesn’t live in a box of pressures, he has his own time, let people worry about your status, nor your gender preference, it’s not anybody’s business but will create a lot of intrigues and suspicion from nosy people ……perfect, it’s your preference not to see him not even a photo op?

  2. Hi ate Betchay! I’m sorry for the super late respond. But I sent you an email po in the email add you’ve given me last time. 😛 hope to hear from you soon! 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. I so appreciate your cool.not everyone could take comments like you do,let alone delete/block people disagreeing…

    1. As long as people don’t use expletives, there is no other reason why I should delete comments. And yes, I like to read different opinion. I could learn from them ;p

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