Seoul Taxi Fare

The Mayor of Seoul City announced today that Seoul taxi fare will increase starting next week. Just saw this on MBC’s 8 o’clock news program ;p

Image from Wikipedia
Image from Wikipedia

The current Seoul taxi fare is 2,400 for the first two kilometers and 100 won is added for every 144 meters. This will increase to 3,000 won for the first two kilometers and 100 won added for every 142 meters. Also, the peak time rate is 100 won for every 35 seconds.
For the deluxe (the black ones) and jumbo taxis, the basic rate will be 5,000 won for the first two kilometers and 200 won is added for each additional 164 meters traveled. The peak time rate is 200 won for every 39 seconds.
The new Seoul taxi fare will take effect from October 12 at 4:00 AM.
I don’t often ride taxis, but I’ve always had an interesting experience every time I take one. The taxi drivers are always curious when they have a foreign passenger.


  1. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I am leaving again next week for a week-long vacation in Korea. We will be staying in Myeongdong, same as where I stayed for my two previous trips in Seoul. This time, I am looking for two options for our departure (Nov.4, 09:35pm, Korea Time). First is for us to take the Airport Limousine Bus 6015 from Myeongdong (Sejong Hotel) directly to the airport. Travel time is quite uncertain so we are planning to be at the Sejong Hotel bus stop at around 06:00pm. Another is to take the AREX from Seoul Station to the airport. Yes, it will only take us about 43 to 45 mins. but our dilemma is our trip from Myeongdong to Seoul Station, with our luggage and carry-on bags.
    I would be deeply grateful if you will find time to respond to my questions:
    1. Do you have an idea regarding the usual travel time of the Airport Bus from Myeongdong since we will be leaving on Monday. It the convenient but I want to make sure that we can catch our 09:35pm flight. How’s the traffic condition during 06:00pm around the area?
    2. If we will take the AREX from Seoul Station, do you have an idea or close estimate how much would it cost us if we will take a Seoul Taxi from Myeongdong Station to Seoul Station? Would it be costly? Of course, it will depend upon the distance and the traffic condition on that Monday.
    FYI. I will be travelling with two (2) other friends. I am used with the subway but this will be my first time to try the Seoul Taxi (orange ones).
    Hope you could help me with this.
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi! Limousine bus usually come within 10-15 minutes during the day. You can catch your 9:35 PM flight since buses use the special lanes. If you take the AREX, you would spend 4~6,000 won for a taxi to Seoul Station. On my last flight, I took the AREX with my son and we had two big luggages and a carry on each. We took the subway from home to Seoul Station. The walk from the subway station to the AREX tracks is quite long (about 200 meters) but that was the only thing we had to worry about. There are two kinds of AREX trains to the airport. One is express which takes about 45 minutes and is more expensive. The cheaper one takes about 1 hour to the airport and is only 3,500 won or 3,800 won. I don’t remember exactly how much but it’s about 3,000 won.

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