The 14th Day in Korea

Ever heard of the 14th day monthly occasions in Korea? I was amused when I first heard that the 14th day of every month is a special day. Aside from Valentine’s and White Day, most of these so-called “holidays” aren’t celebrated elsewhere. Many of them are mere marketing ploy and people don’t get a day off on those days, but it wouldn’t really hurt to join in the fun. If you want to have something to look forward to every month, prepare in advance. I’m sure your special someone or even your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Your 14th-day checklist!
Your 14th-day checklist!

The 14th day monthly “holidays” start on January 14th with “Diary Day”. Give someone a diary so they won’t forget those great memories they’ll be making for the year. Get yourself one too!
Celebrate Valentine’s Day (also called Red Day) with the whole world by giving your man some chocolates to show your affection. That’s right! In Korea, the women are the ones who give their men chocolates. Single? Don’t worry because nowadays, this celebration is not just limited to lovers anymore. You could give chocolates to your male colleagues, classmates or friends.
On White Day (March 14th), it’s the men’s turn to give their ladies candies. Apparently, this tradition has its roots in Japan. In South Korea, not only do men give candies but gift baskets with a cute stuffed toy are also popular. Like “Red Day”, this day isn’t only for lovers anymore.
March 14th is also remembered as “Pi Day” ~ since the mathematical Pi = 3.14 right? What to do on this day? Eat pie or join a “pi”-reciting contest.
In spring, singles eat “black bean noodles” or “jajang myeon” on April 14th or Black Day. If you’re not single, you can still make it a special day by treating your single friends. If you think they won’t like that, then just go to the nearest 중식 or Chinese restaurant and order a meatier “jajang myeon”, not the ordinary 3,000 won a plate.
Exactly 30 days later on May 14th, those who failed to eat “jajang myeon” on “Black Day” can still “celebrate” their singleness by eating curry ~ chicken curry, curried rice cake, curry ramen and just about any dish with curry. On the other hand, this is another day for lovers to show how much they cherish their partners by giving roses. Remember, singles celebrate “Yellow Day” by eating curry and lovers exchange roses on “Rose Day”.
June 14th is another day for lovers as it is called “Kiss Day”. Now, I don’t think this needs more explanation ;p
July 14th is “Silver Day” and it is on this day that lovers exchange silver promise rings. Single? Then treat yourself to a pretty silver accessory.
Can you guess what is on August 14th? It’s summer and it’s hot. To cool off, we celebrate “Green Day” by taking a hike at any of Korea’s numerous mountains. Go with a group of friends and don’t forget to pack some cucumbers to munch on.
Have your photos taken on “Photo Day”, which is on September 14th! It’s also a good day to organize your album or show off your favorite photo online.
There are two celebrations on October 14th ~ Wine Day for adults and Doll Day for those who don’t drink. If you don’t usually drink wine, then it’s the perfect day to splurge and sip something really good. Wine merchants offer discounts on this day.
On November 14th, have a date on “Movie Day”. No time for a movie? Then give a gift of cookies because it’s also now “Cookie Day”.
Lastly, hug someone you love and make them feel the warmth of your love on December 14th ~ “Hug Day”.
I think, this is truly only in Korea!

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