Visiting the US visa free for Korean citizens

I used to have a ten-year multiple visa to the United States, but it was automatically canceled the moment I changed citizenship. From 2008, South Korea has been included in the US visa waiver program so Korean passport holders need not apply for a tourist visa when visiting the United States for up to 90 days.

Immigration stamps on my passport
Immigration stamps on my passport

I’m on my third visit to the USA using the visa waiver program. Instead of going to the US Embassy in Seoul, I just applied for a travel authorization online and it’s only $14.00 paid with a credit card.
To get the travel authorization, just visit the ESTA website and be prepared with your passport. Answer all the questions and pay $14.00. It only takes a few seconds to get an authorization after that. I didn’t get the travel authorization for my son anymore since his 10-year visa is valid until 2016.
When we arrived in Honolulu, we had to wait for almost an hour at the Immigration because there were so many travelers. The immigration officer asked me a few questions about who we’re visiting and where we’re staying. After that, I did the fingerprint biometrics. When we took the connecting flight from Honolulu to LA, we didn’t pass through the immigration anymore.
So one advantage of having a Korean citizenship over an F-5 visa is the Korean passport that allows us to travel to many countries without the need of a visa ;p

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