New rules for F-6 visa South Korea

On February 4th, the Ministry of Justice announced new rules for the F-6 visa in South Korea. The rules will take effect on April 1st and it will affect those who are applying for the visa. There are two new requirements: one is that the foreign spouse should pass the TOPIK test and second, the inviting Korean spouse should earn annually the equivalent to 120% of the minimum cost of living. There are exemptions to the rules mentioned.
Exemption to the TOPIK test:
– if the couple can communicate in a common language, i.e. English
– if the couple already has a child
– if the foreign spouse has lived in Korea for a year
– if the foreign spouse has majored in Korean language at a university
– if the foreign spouse has taken a Korean language course abroad in a government-approved institution
Exemption to the income requirement:
– if the foreign spouse meets the income requirement
– if a family member living with the Korean spouse meets the income requirement
Exemption to both requirements:
– if the couple already has a child
The income requirement is currently at 14.8 million won per year, but this could change depending on the cost of living.
Source: Yonhap
UPDATE: March 4, 2014
The family income of the Korean spouse should meet the following amount in the previous year. This income includes earned income, business income, interest income, rental income, pension income and dividend income:
2 people/household – 14,794,804 won
3 people/household – 19,139,299 won
4 people/household – 23,483,808 won
5 people/household – 27,828,316 won
6 people/household – 32,172,811 won
If the income is less than what’s written above, the property of the sponsor (Korean spouse) will also be evaluated up to 5% of the value of the property.
For example, in a 2 people household, the Korean sponsor earns 12,000,000 won. This is below the required income, but if the sponsor has a property worth at least 60,000,000 won then 5% of this will be considered (60,000,000 x 5% = 3,000,000) and this will total 15,000,000 won. However, debts would be deducted from the net worth and the property should be in the Korean sponsor’s possession for at least six months.
Also, motel, vinyl house and 고시원 will not be considered as safe residences for the family.


  1. What is f-6?for Korean Citizen ba ito?kc nkapag apply nku last yr waiting nlang ng i.d but until now dpa nadating.

    1. F-6 yung visa para sa may asawa ng Korean… so by April 1st, kailangan na ang language at income requirement

        1. Hi Zhai! I am not sure, pero ang sabi ay nasa consul na daw. Siguro isama na sa application ninyo ang proof na preggy ka na. Kasi natatandaan ko nung nag-apply ako ng Korean citizenship, buntis ako pero walang bearing yun (at that time, 3 months lang ang waiting pag may anak) kasi sabi anak talaga.

          1. ibig sbhin po niyan di po excempted un buntis khit 3months na po?di kailangan pa pong dumaan tlga aq sa exam?

          2. Mas maganda subukan ninyo muna magtanong. Kung sabihin nila na hindi pwede, baka hintayin mo na lang na manganak ka.

      1. mam klangan kopa poba ipatranslate ng korean ung marriage contract ko na galing dfa,..F9 po kc ako mgpapa change status po ako ng f6,2yrs napo kami kasal ng asawa ko hnd lang po nmin alam kung klangan pa nmin ipatranslate ng korean ung marriage contract na hinihingi samin.tnx po sa sasagot GOd bless.

        1. Kung sa Korean Embassy mo isa-submit, di na kailangan na i-translate. Pero yung pagpapa-register sa Korea, kailangan translated into Korean.

  2. pano po vah if f-6 na aq now then by august mgrerenew aq ng visa ko, mrerequired din ba aq nyan na requiremnts?

  3. ms. betchay i have classmates from language institution…it says their we have to acquire a 150 hours to get CFo and after that in case we also need to have examination/test so we can have our certification of korean language at said school…
    My question is like these…
    all of us were confuse about this topik
    of course nasabi na may exemption naman as long as both of you can communicate into english…
    however F6 is supply to be 2 or 3 years stay but not longer than that…Only as residence not a citizen and even after
    after acquiring those steps…ee gusto naming ipaextend or maybe apply for F5???
    does topik have to be taken?if so maybe some other filipinos might already learn language..even not so fluent?
    also does it affects the application..for F5 later on
    coz base on what i have read from many blogs since these 2014…a lot of people says….
    TOPIK 1 & 2 must be taken in order to have maybe longer stay or some kind of discount of embassy
    some says having the certification from a korean langusage school based here localy will be fine…
    however there are some points that if we apply for F5 later part…still we have to take TOPIK test…
    I just wonder how will it goes by…even though nakaalis na kami..nagstay na sa korea or whatsoever…
    since every rules/laws in korea kepts on changing….

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