Audrey Alcaraz, a Winter Olympian in the future?

Could Audrey Alcaraz be the first female Southeast Asian to compete in the figure skating competition of the Winter Olympics? Who knows? What is sure is that she has been invited to perform at the closing ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics.
She was surprised at the invitation, of course. However, she mentioned that she won a bronze medal at a figure skating camp that she attended last year in South Korea. The country will be hosting the next Winter Olympics in the city of Pyeongchang. The Korean government will also be paying for her expenses to Sochi.
Audrey Alcaraz is only fourteen years old. She is not a Julia Lipnitskaia, but she is showing promise. This video taken in 2012 shows the quality of her jumps. Let’s hope that she gets the training she deserves and the Philippines might just have another Winter Olympian in the near future ;p

And here’s another one from last month:

See you at the closing ceremonies Audrey!

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