Short reunion for separated Korean families

This morning, some 83 South Koreans traveled to Sokcho in Gangwon province. They are scheduled to meet with their separated North Korean families from February 20-22. This is an exciting day for them as they have not seen their families: mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sister for 61 years or more.
One of the most moving photo I’ve seen today is that of a 91-year old father. He traveled to Hanhwa Condo in Sokcho on a stretcher. He has not seen his children (who must be in their 70s now) for 61 years. Just looking at his photo brings tears to my eyes. If I were him, I wouldn’t be able to survive that long not seeing my child. But this grandfather never lost hope that one day he is going to meet them again.

"I came to see my son and daughter."
“I came to see my son and daughter.”

Three days is such a short time to catch up for the lost 61 years that they have not communicated or seen each other. Last December, a South Korean who registered for this reunion died in his home in Bucheon from a heart attach. He had been anticipating the date when he sees his family. And there are more elderly South Koreans waiting and hoping to be a part of these reunions. The last one happened in November 2011, more than three years ago. I hope there will be more reunions of separated Korean families in the near future…

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