Top 3 Kim Yuna Exhibition

A figure skater prepares three performances in a competition: short program, free skate and gala or exhibition. Kim Yuna, aside from competitive skating, also performs in exhibition shows like the “All That Skate”. I have tried to get a ticket for her ATS shows, but they are always sold out minutes after they start selling tickets.
By the way, the VIP tickets for the ladies short program in Sochi is 600 USD. Whoa! I bet if Kim Yuna were competing in Pyeongchang, the ticket price could go up to 1,000 USD and it will still sell out 😀
Anyway, here are my top three Kim Yuna exhibition programs:
3. Adele’s Someone Like You – Performed at “All That Skate” spring in 2012. Kim Yuna felt the music so much that she shed a tear at the end.

  1. Bulletproof – Such a fun show to watch!

  1. Meditation from Thais – Simply mesmerizing! I just love this exhibit and I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen it.

I’ve loved figure skating ever since I was in sixth grade, when my sister brought me to first “Disney on Ice” show at the Araneta Coliseum in 1986 😀 And the last live figure skating I had seen was another “Disney on Ice” in Columbus, Ohio two years ago.

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