Top 3 Kim Yuna Short Program

The short program of the figure skating competition of the Sochi Winter Olympics is less than ten hours from now. In Korea, it will start at 12 midnight so it’s going to be another sleepless night for me as I’d like to see all performances.
Of course, we will be cheering for Kim Yuna! She is skating at number 17. She will skate to “Send In the Clowns”. If you’re not familiar with her programs, here are my top three Kim Yuna short program:
3. Bond Medley – Kim Yuna was only 19 when she performed this during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Love the step sequence here!

  1. El Tango de Roxanne – She was just 16 here, but she gave so much passion and energy on this performance.

  1. Danse Macabre – This is my favorite of the short programs. I love the choreography! And her performance? So much excitement and passion ~ perfect 😀

Don’t forget to watch and cheer for Kim Yuna at the Sochi Winter Olympics tonight!

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