Jang Dong Gun's house burglarized

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong own a resthouse in Gapyeong City. It is located about an hour from Seoul and is a favorite weekend getaway of those living in the city. On March 5, it was reported that the power couple’s house had been burglarized.
At around 9:30 PM on March 4, a thief broke a window on their estimated 4 million USD home. The security system detected the break-in and immediately right after alerted the security and police. Jang Dong Gun went to the house the following day. The damage and property lost is about 1,000 USD. Luckily, no one was at the house at the time of the break-in.

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong's house in Gapyeong
Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong’s house in Gapyeong

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Yeong’s house is located in a luxury enclave where houses are about 900 square meters big. Their house has three floors of living space and a basement. The power couple’s house is designed by the famous Korean architect Gwak Hee Soo.
While the couple owns a number of real estate properties, they live in Samsung-dong in Gangnam-gu.

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