White Day: what's the most unwanted present?

White Day is celebrated on March 14th. Remember that the 14th day in Korea has an equivalent celebration? This is the day when a man gives the woman he loves a present of candy. On Valentine’s Day in Korea, the woman gives the man she loves a chocolate. These days, this pop culture is not exclusive to lovers any more.
White Day is a bigger pop culture than Valentine’s Day in Korea. Apparently, more people spend more money on gifts and dates on this day than on the biggest romantic day in the world.

White Day presents on display outside a store.
White Day presents on display outside a store.

Since women are given gifts on White Day, have you ever wondered what are the presents they hate to receive the most? In an informal survey conducted by an online job site in Korea (Albamon), about 542 recent college graduates were polled about White Day.

Most unwanted present on White Day

About 40% of those polled said that they hated receiving “a large basket of expensive candies”. How ironic!
The second undesirable present is “folded paper cranes” and “folded paper balls” (I don’t know exactly what they’re called in English but I made them when I was in high school) said 16.9% of the respondents.

Stuffed toys! ~ unwanted on White Day -.-
Stuffed toys! ~ unwanted on White Day -.-

Third, about 13.9% said they don’t like it when their boyfriends come without any present and then asks their girlfriends what they want 😀
Surprising, but about 8.9% said they don’t want getting a “teddy bear” on White Day.
As if the respondents were not women, about 6% said they don’t like getting flowers or bouquets but they feel good anyway when they get one!
Lastly, 3.7% don’t like getting “Gifticon” ~ gifts bought from apps like KakaoTalk that can be exchanged at establishments.
So what kind of presents do you hate getting on White Day?

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