Pinoy Pinay Restaurant

When you’re abroad, one of the things you surely miss is the food you grew up enjoying. In my case, that means Filipino food like sisig, kare-kare, caldereta, lechon paksiw and so on! I could easily cook adobo or sinigang in Korea but not the things I mentioned earlier.
That’s why when I visited “Pinoy Pinay” ~ the Filipino restaurant ~ I just had to order more than I could eat.
Pinoy Pinay Restaurant
Pinoy Pinay is a “turo-turo” style or self-service restaurant. Upon entering, walk straight to the counter and just tell the crew the “combo” you want to order and the food you want included. The prices here are quite cheap. An order of rice and two regular entree is only 7.25 USD.

"Turo-turo" style
“Turo-turo” style

At Pinoy Pinay Restaurant, I could order a variety of Filipino dishes from sisig, Pinoy barbecue, stir-fry veggies and even “merienda” like pancit. They also have packaged desserts like “nilupak”, cassava cake, biko and ube halaya.
Just tell the crew what you want!
Just tell the crew what you want!

Pinoy Pinay has a very spacious dining area and it’s usually packed with Pinoys on Sundays.
A weekday...
A weekday…

So what have I ordered from them?
adobong pusit, kare-kare, ginisang upo, ginataan, lechon paksiw and asado
adobong pusit, kare-kare, ginisang upo, ginataan, lechon paksiw and asado

Imagine getting all the six dishes above plus three orders of rice for less than 30 USD??? And the best part is the food tastes good ~ well not always, but most of the time 😀
I just had delicious adobo at a friend’s house last Saturday and I also had pancit palabok from a visit to Hyehwa-dong last Sunday, but here I am still craving for Filipino food. I’d like to have a really good sisig. The last time I had a good one was in 2011, when my elder sisters visited me here. They packed sisig, beef caldereta and a jar of atchara in their carry-on bags 😀
If only there is a Pinoy Pinay restaurant here in Korea that is open daily and only a 5-minute walk away. The one in the photo is in West Covina in California, and it is really just a 5-minute walk from my brother’s residence.


  1. I guess you guys really miss Filipino food. I am surprised that it is priced at such a low rate given that ingredients have to be shipped internationally. They can price it a little higher. It is just that the typical Filipino would price it a little lower.

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