Flight to Kalibo from Incheon returns

On the night of March 15th, a Philippine Airline plane flying to Kalibo, Aklan from Incheon Airport returned to the airport. The plane, an Airbus 320, left at 9:00 PM from the airport with 170 passengers. It was bound for Boracay, a famous beach destination for Koreans. However, after ten minutes into the flight several popping sounds were heard from the right wing. One of the plane’s engine was hit by a bird strike and this caused a mechanical trouble with the plane.
Flight 491 returned to Incheon Airport but it encountered some problem with its landing gear. After four attempts, the plane landed successfully at 11:20. The passengers cheered and breathed sighs of relief. According to a passenger, before the last attempt to land they were already preparing to wear life jackets for an emergency landing. Thankfully, no one was hurt and most of the passengers have taken alternative early morning flights as the plane is not available for the flight to Kalibo from Incheon.

Flight to Kalibo from Incheon
Flight to Kalibo from Incheon

Philippine Airlines has flights to and from Seoul and Busan to Manila, Cebu and Kalibo.

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