Avengers 2 in Seoul

March 30th is the first day of filming in Seoul of the movie Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Mapo Bridge was closed to traffic for more than 12 hours and the CCTV on traffic app of the bridge was also turned off. I thought I could watch the filming via CCTV… ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

Photo credit: News1
Photo credit: News1

Filming for Avengers 2 in Seoul also took place at the Floating Island and that area was sealed off from park-goers. Despite the heavy security, there were some curious onlookers who were able to sneak a photo or two… like Wendy from My Rocking Cradle. She lives a short distance from Mapo Bridge.
If you’re looking for clips of the filming, here’s one on Youtube uploaded by DiamondHeadSquirtz. They were able to take a video of some of the action scenes. Of course, those scenes were done by stunt doubles but who cares 😀

We had a really good weather last Sunday. Filming of Avengers 2 in Seoul will film next from April 2nd to 6th at the Digital Media City. You can also check the other filming locations of Avengers 2 in Seoul from an earlier post.

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