Korean ferry sinking: Filipina singer

Photos of the captain escaping the “Sewol” in his underpants went out on April 28th. My first reaction when I saw the photos (and the video) was “why isn’t he wearing pants?” That is only possible if he was in the bathroom or he just woke up, which would mean he was not at the wheelhouse of the ferry.

The Sewol captain escaping his sinking ship!
The Sewol captain escaping his sinking ship!

Today, the trending topic among Korean netizens is that the captain was allegedly with a middle-aged Korean woman and a Filipina singer. The Filipina singer was rescued a few minutes after the captain.
During the investigation, the captain said he went out of the wheelhouse to smoke. Then when the photos of him in his underpants emerged, he said he was changing pants in the cabin and hurriedly went out when the ferry started sinking.
The new information that the captain was with a Korean ajumma and a Filipina singer is undergoing further investigation. It will not be pleasant for the captain ~ and so with that Filipina singer.


  1. According to “eat your kimchi” blogs, many Koreans think that Filipina women in Korea work as prostitutes, which is totally unfair to say. No matter what country you go to, there will always be racism and stereotypes. Every country has its own cocktail of beliefs. No one is safe from being misperceived. But this news does not help.

    1. I don’t think that “many” Koreans think that Filipina women in Korea work as prostitutes, BUT many Filipina entertainers who come to Korea end up working as prostitutes. There are legit Filipino entertainers here ~ those who work as singers/band members in hotels, night clubs and restaurants but a number end up at working near the military bases. It’s sad because even the Korean authorities couldn’t do anything about it.

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